Optimize Google Ads, LinkedIn & Facebook ROI with Voice Analytics

Optimizing your paid search and social campaigns is a constant challenge. As brands fight for impressions and costs rise, success can hinge on your ability to show the right type of ad to the right person at the right time. And that’s where voice analytics comes in. Marketers who use what happens on calls to optimize ad messaging, targeting, and bidding strategies across channels have a major advantage over their competitors.

Join the digital marketing experts at DialogTech for this webinar as they explain how you can turn calls to your business into marketing insights to generate more customers from paid search and social. They’ll discuss:

  • Strategies to find the right audience in all phases of the sales cycle
  • How to optimize bids and creative to deliver a personalized experience
  • Tips to improve ROI for the media spend you have in market
  • Success stories and examples from leading brands and agencies


  • Kelley Schultz

  • Katie King

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