Marketing Attribution Masterclass: Tracking Calls Beyond Google Ads

For many businesses, your inbound calls are your most valuable conversions. But what if you’re only tracking calls from Google Ads, and not the rest of your channels? Then you’re not getting credit for all of the results your marketing efforts are driving — and you’re missing out on powerful insights from the calls that you don’t have visibility into.

That’s why tracking calls from more channels — like Google My Business, SEO, and more — is so eye-opening. It’s time to eliminate these blind spots and enhance your understanding of your marketing’s impact. DialogTech’s Collin Middleton, Director of Product Management, and Chase Howland, Customer Success Manager, explain why it’s so important to bring the power of call tracking to your entire omnichannel marketing strategy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to get credit for all of the leads that you drive from calls
  • How to unlock new growth opportunities from more channels
  • How top brands drive impactful results by leveling up their marketing attribution
  • Answers to common questions and objections that stop marketers from reaping the benefits of tracking calls from more channels


  • Collin Middleton
    Director of Product Management

  • Chase Howland
    Customer Success Manager

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