Intelligent Search Strategies for Better Conversions in 2019

From image and voice searches to personalized audience targeting and AI, search is getting smarter. Make sure you start 2019 armed with the latest best practices to drive SEO and SEM conversions — both online and over the phone.

Join search optimization experts Purna Virji from Microsoft and Blair Symes from DialogTech to learn the latest strategies to win in search. Consumer and search behavior is evolving rapidly — don’t lose ground to the competition. Get actionable tips to drive more of the right conversions from paid and organic search in 2019.

Watch this webinar and discover:

  • The technologies that will impact search in 2019 and how you should capitalize now
  • Advanced optimization strategies to drive better conversions for less
  • How adopting the right strategies for call conversions can be a game-changer


  • Purna Virji
    Senior Manager, Global Engagement

  • Blair Symes
    Senior Director of Content Marketing

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