The DialogTech Playbook

“I didn’t know I could do that with DialogTech!” We sometimes hear this from our customers, so DialogTech is launching a new webinar series about the great things you can do with our software.

This on-demand webinar introduces DialogTech’s core functionality and explains how our own marketing, sales, and support teams use our software to succeed.

Learn how to use DialogTech’s voice-based marketing automation (VBMA) solution to:

  • Track phone leads back to specific ads, keyword searches, and campaigns
  • Convert more web visitors into immediate phone conversations
  • Capture, assist, and qualify every call, 24/7, with IVR auto-attendants
  • Route sales and support calls to the right rep, no matter where they are
  • Deliver thousands of interactive phone messages in minutes with voice broadcasting

If you are new to DialogTech, or are interested in learning new ways to use DialogTech to generate, track and score leads, drive sales, and cut costs, this webinar is for you.