Drive More Calls and Customers from AdWords with AI

You know that paid search is one of the best channels for generating inbound calls. But did you know that search marketers at some of the world’s leading businesses and agencies use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate better-converting calls from AdWords? They use AI and machine learning to uncover insights that improve keyword bidding, ad targeting, and caller experiences. And you can too.

If your business invests in paid search ads to drive calls, join the call analytics and AI experts at DialogTech for this on-demand webinar. You’ll get a crash course in AI and machine learning and find out to use them to:

  • Generate more qualified calls from AdWords at a lower CPL
  • Analyze inbound calls for actionable insights to improve AdWords ROI
  • Convert more callers to customers


  • Tim Hoolihan

  • Amber McKenzie

  • Christie Huber

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