Call Tracking and Google Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics Moving to Google's Universal Analytics? It’s an amazing platform marketers can use to create rich, insightful customer profiles and optimize lead gen.

But Universal Analytics is only as valuable as the data you include in it. That’s why DialogTech has integrated our call tracking data with Universal Analytics. With DialogTech, Google users can view detailed data on sales and support calls alongside all their other data.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • View the source of inbound phone calls in Universal Analytics
    Know which ads, search keywords, campaigns, and other sources are driving calls to your business.
  • See a customer’s web activity before and after calling you
    Understand what events (web page and video views, form downloads, online purchases, mobile app activity, etc.) a customer performed before and after calling you.
  • Include call data in A/B web testing
    Use phone call data in your web page A/B tests to help determine a winner.
  • See where in the country callers are calling you
    View a color-coded map of where in the country callers are calling you from.

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