Where Customer Journey Analytics and Pay-Per-Call Converge

In considered-purchase industries like education, lending, insurance, home services, and travel, the path to purchase goes beyond a single click and conversion. With channels like search, social, display, email, and mobile readily available, consumers interact with brands across multiple touch points in multiple ways (calls, web forms) when making a purchase decision. Leveraging customer journey and pay-per-call tracking analytics, Advertisers and Networks can seamlessly optimize every touchpoint to make channels work concurrently and increase ROI.

Join analytics experts from CAKE and DialogTech to learn how multi-channel attribution and pay-per-call tracking plays a vital role in increasing the success of digital marketing campaigns. Attendees will learn:

  • How to use analytics to optimize the entire customer journey in industries where customers prefer to call
  • Best practices for setting up pay-per-call campaigns that route the right calls to the right lead buyers
  • Insights from companies leveraging pay-per-call tracking