Mission-Critical Marketing: A DialogTech Digital Event Series

Strategies & stories from leading marketers on how they’re adapting for the COVID-19 crisis

How to Build Strong Relationships with Customers Now and Post-COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis, marketers have had to pivot quickly and ensure their messaging is hyper-relevant to what audiences care about now. Learn from experts at Raare Solutions and DialogTech on how brands can succeed in building strong ties with customers today, how you should leverage your first-party data right now, and how you can prepare now to position your brand coming out of this unprecedented time.


  • Rekha Gibbons
    COO (Chief Optimism Officer)

  • Esther Poulsen
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Dave McAnally
    VP of Marketing


  • Jonathan Petrino
    VP, Channels & Partnerships

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