Beyond the Hype: 6 Ways AI Works with Calls to Improve Marketing and Sales

In a recent survey, 34% of marketing execs said Artificial Intelligence is the technology they are least prepared to leverage in 2018. If you want to go beyond the hype and learn specific ways AI can help you acquire more customers, we are here to help. Join us for this webinar where our call analytics experts explain 6 specific marketing and sales challenges AI can solve for you today.

They illustrate how you can leverage AI to convert millions of data points from inbound calls and conversations into actionable insights to optimize marketing, bridge online and offline activities, and convert more callers to customers. You will learn:

  • AI’s role in bridging the gap between the online and offline customer journey
  • How to analyze and score conversations for insights to improve marketing and sales
  • How to make AI adoption easier and start using actionable insights today
  • Learn how to save time by eliminating the need to listen, select, analyze and score calls


  • Alain Stephan

  • Chase Howland

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