5 Ways to Optimize Paid Search for Your Most Profitable Conversions

The ultimate goal of your AdWords and Bing campaigns is to generate customers and revenue, not just conversions. But optimizing SEM to drive sales is a real challenge. You have to double-down on the keywords, devices, landing pages, and conversion paths (online and offline) driving the most revenue at the lowest costs.

If you want to optimize your paid search campaigns to drive sales, watch this webinar to learn how. Elite SEM’s Katie Carlson Scrimger and DialogTech’s Blair Symes explain the 5 PPC strategies to increase not just conversions, but customers. Elite SEM also explains how they used these strategies to help a major home services brand:

  • Increase call conversions by 90%
  • Decrease unprofitable conversions by 23%
  • Increase paid search profitability by 12%


  • Katie Carlson Scrimger
    Team Lead, Paid Search

  • Blair Symes
    VP of Product Marketing

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