Vitals Uses DialogTech to Prove How They Drive 7.5 Times More Appointments to Healthcare Providers

Vitals maintains the largest and most credible provider review and research site on the web today.  Vitals’ websites, which include and, are some of the most trafficked health information websites in the world, with over 10 million visitors each month.

One of Vitals’ main goals is to drive phone calls from patients to hospitals and physicians by leveraging Vitals featured listings, reputation management, awards and recognition and powerful provider directory solutions. Proving how their solutions drive these calls to each client is essential to establishing their full value. To do it, Vitals turned to DialogTech.

DialogTech’s Call Tracking: The Proof Is in the Phone Numbers

Vitals uses DialogTech’s call tracking to prove how their two sites ( and drive calls and appointments for their clients. DialogTech automatically displays unique trackable phone numbers on each client’s listings, so whenever a patient calls a provider, Vitals can tell that the call came from not only their service, but the specific website and listing as well. Calls are accurately tracked regardless of whether the patient called from a mobile phone using a click-to-call link or from a regular landline phone.

DialogTech’s call tracking data integrates with Vitals custom reporting system so they can present online and offline conversion data together in one report, providing clients with complete, personalized analytics to prove ROI. “Calls are an incredibly important lead channel for Vitals’ hospital and group practice clients,” said Marcos Domiciano, Client Services Director at Vitals, “and DialogTech’s call tracking plays a critical role in how we prove the ROI of our provider solutions to customers. DialogTech has enabled us to show how clients using our provider solutions experience a 7.5x increase in call volumes and appointments.”

DialogTech now tracks a significant volume of calls each month from Vitals various web properties, with that number growing at an impressive 15% each month. “The Vitals Provider Solutions are extremely effective at generating calls and appointments for hospitals and medical practices,” said Domiciano, “and DialogTech’s call tracking helps us prove it.”

DialogTech IVRs Automate How Calls Are Qualified and Routed

Vitals also offers their clients the option of directing calls to a DialogTech-built IVR (interactive voice response) menu first in order to qualify them. The IVR asks the caller to press 1 if they are calling to make an appointment, or press 2 for all other inquiries. Vitals clients can then choose where each option goes.

“We have a growing roster of clients using DialogTech’s IVR technology to qualify and route callers,” said Domiciano. “It’s a great value-add for our clients. Medical practices often pay call centers to schedule their appointments, so being able to have the IVR direct only those callers needing appointments to that service helps save our clients money. And all other callers can still be routed to the client’s main office for assistance.”

In the future, Vitals is exploring using DialogTech’s call recording technology to offer clients the option of recording inbound calls from Vitals’ sites. The recordings, which would follow HIPAA regulations, would be a valuable source of information for hospitals and group practices to mine.

  • Vitals websites are one of the world’s most popular resources for patients searching for doctors.
  • Vitals offers provider solutions that have proven to generate 7.5 times more calls and appointments for clients.
  • Vitals uses DialogTech call tracking technology to prove how they are driving calls and appointments for each client.

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