Tax Group Center Increases Monthly Revenue by $100K Using DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights

Inbound Calls Drive Business for Tax Group Center

Tax Group Center uses trackable phone numbers from DialogTech to get true marketing attribution for the calls generated from their direct mail campaigns. They also use DialogTech to track their online campaigns as well to see the channel, ad, keyword, and website interaction driving each call. Recently, in effort to better track and optimize their digital campaigns, they implemented DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights which combines all of their marketing data from inbound calls with the online activity from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing, and Facebook in one customizable dashboard.

Tax Group Case Study DialogTech Dashboard Insights

Tax Group Center uses trackable phone numbers from DialogTech to get true marketing attribution for calls generated by marketing campaigns.

Having One Dashboard for Marketing KPIs Has Improved Efficiency

After implementing DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights, Tax Group Center has been able to visualize and analyze all of their reporting in one location and in real time. Joseph Gutierrez, CPA at Tax Group Center explains, “Before using DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights, I had to go to each individual site and pull the data. Now, it’s set up in real time so I don’t have to build multiple reports – it’s all one report. I can automatically share with my internal team to make sure everything is tracked.”

They integrate reporting from DialogTech, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing, and Facebook all within Dashboard Insights so that they no longer have to go to each platform and pull the reports manually. The insights have been invaluable for optimizing marketing. For example, Tax Group Center greatly values being able to see average call duration broken down by certain keywords.

This data allows Gutierrez and his team to see exactly which keywords are driving calls that convert to leads. “This allows us to see true conversions not just who clicked on an ad, but who called and converted into actual dollars.”

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Fully Customizable Reports Provide a Shareable, Visual Representation of Data

DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights can be set up quickly based on needs, and the reports can be tailored by channel, campaign, and metrics. “I have the ability to change the date and KPIs if I would like to see a different snapshot of the data,” said Gutierrez. The dashboard allows Tax Group Center to set up automatic weekly reports to be shared with the organization to monitor analytics. By being able to share this comprehensive and visually simplistic overview with the staff, Gutierrez and his team are able to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Website Traffic Has Increased and Revenues Are Up $100K

“Being able to take our marketing data and quickly and easily optimize our PPC campaigns based on the keywords that are driving the most phones calls has greatly increased our revenue. Sales are up over $100K from the previous month,” said Gutierrez.

Traffic has also continued to increase since Tax Group Center implemented Dashboard Insights. “Dashboard Insights is a real-time, one-stop shop for my marketing reports. It makes it easy to optimize and that’s what is attributing to the big increase in sales and website traffic,” added Gutierrez.

Tax Group Center is a tax services company that specializes in providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals who find themselves in trouble with the IRS and/or state taxing authorities. Due to the sensitive nature of their business, 100% of their leads come in via phone calls, and having data and insights into how their digital advertising, offline marketing, and website generate inbound calls is critical to their success. So they partnered with DialogTech, the leading provider of actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls.


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