Store Locator Streamlines Call Routing For Over 400 Batteries Plus Locations


Using DialogTech’s Store Locator and IVR services, Batteries Plus configured a solution that routes callers based on their needs and location: customers are routed to the nearest retail store of their choice, product shoppers are given direct access to product support experts, and prospective franchisees are directly connected to the corporate franchising office.

“We pride ourselves on being America’s Battery Experts, and we strive to continuously improve communication with our customers. The DialogTech Store Locator puts Batteries Plus customers in touch with the right person, who’ll have the right answers,” said Russ Reynolds, CEO of Batteries Plus.

For over a year, DialogTech has provided a reliable geographic call routing solution to effectively route calls to hundreds of Batteries Plus retail outlets across the nation.

Batteries Plus is the nation’s largest battery retail chain, with over 400 stores open in 43 states and Puerto Rico and an additional 50 locations in development. The company wanted to improve service for customers who called its nationwide toll-free number, 1-800-MR-START.

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