Sq1 Uses DialogTech to Increase Phone Leads for HVAC Company

DialogTech’s Integration with Kenshoo Enables Sq1 to Drive More Phone Leads from Search for Less

Sq1 is a leading conversion optimization agency that activates customer data through advertising technology, marketing services, and advanced analytics across all digital touchpoints. Sq1’s client, one of the top HVAC manufacturers in the world, wanted to drive phone leads to local AC dealers in the United States.

“The client was looking to grow its overall brand presence in the U.S.,” said Shaun Parnell, Senior Director of Performance Sciences at Sq1. “The overarching goal was to expand the brand footprint by driving phone leads to local AC dealers on a per-market basis. This national advertiser was looking to supplement local marketing efforts from its normal dealer locations.”

To do so, Sq1 used paid search campaigns to drive more traffic to – and call conversions from – the client’s web site to local dealers. In order to optimize their campaigns to generate more high-quality sales calls at a lower cost, they used DialogTech’s call tracking analytics to track inbound calls back to the specific keywords that originated them, and through to specific dealer locations. They could then take that data and use Kenshoo’s predictive media optimization technology to improve bidding strategies for keywords that really drove business, not just calls.

“Once DialogTech showed us which keywords were driving actual phone calls,” explained Parnell, “we were able to use Kenshoo to determine the true value of different keywords and optimize bidding for the search terms that were really working. Conversely, we eliminated keywords that did not lead to actual phone leads. Within the first month we saw immediate results and were able to quickly scale the client’s marketing efforts through a combination of Kenshoo’s local platform and DialogTech’s call tracking technology.”

Within a 5-month period, Sq1’s client:

  • Scaled its local search marketing efforts from 10 local markets to 50 local markets, looking to double that by the end of 2014.
  • Increased site-side call conversion rates by 75%.
  • Decreased cost per call and cost per lead by 65%.

Parnell noted how many clients that rely on their brick-and-mortar store presence in local markets are looking to optimize for phone calls to drive quality leads. With the overarching proliferation of mobile devices, DialogTech’s call tracking has shown itself to be an equalizer specifically in direct response marketing, said Parnell.

DialogTech’s Call Scoring and Routing Helps Sq1 Optimize Call Quality and Sales Conversions

In addition, Sq1 leveraged DialogTech’s call scoring and routing technology to first weed out robo-callers and other non-sales-related calls generated from search, and then also auto-route calls from the website to each caller’s nearest dealer location. “DialogTech enabled us to require callers to validate that they are, in fact, human, so our search campaigns are filtering out the bad calls and passing on the good to local locations,” explained Parnell.

“Sq1 designed a program that resulted in active sales leads within a couple of days followed by a continuous flow of qualified sales leads,” said the Director of Communications for Sq1’s HVAC manufacturer client. “Needless to say, we are a happy client.”

Listen to Sq1’s Shaun Parnell, Senior Director of Performance Sciences, share his customer success story in his own words. 

  • Sq1’s client is the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world.
  • Using Kenshoo and DialogTech together, Sq1 was able to increase the client’s reach from 10 local markets to 50 within a 5-month period.
  • Sq1 also increased the client’s site-side call conversion rates by 75% while decreasing cost per call by 65% in a 5-month period.

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