SMB Lender SnapCap Gets 68% More Customers Calling With DialogTech

SnapCap Is Leading a Revolution in Lending

SnapCap is a new kind of small business lender, built on the simple idea that lending doesn’t have to be complicated. SnapCap provides SMBs with a fast, secure, and completely transparent lending process, asking only the essential questions. And approval – which often can be obtained in just 24 hours – is based on a business’s performance, not a complicated evaluation of their industry, finances, and credit score.

To promote SnapCap’s services, their marketing team uses digital marketing, including paid search, social advertising, and banner advertising. The goal is to get businesses in need of capital to either fill out an online application or give SnapCap a call – though the marketing team does prefer one type of conversion over the other.

“For us, the phone call is the most valuable conversion,” said Mack Johnston, VP of Data & Analytics at SnapCap. “Every application requires a phone conversation anyway, so having that talk begin right away by getting the merchant to call us speeds things up and provides a great experience for our customers. That’s why we make calling us such a prominent call to action in our search ads and on our website.”

SnapCap uses call extensions in paid search ads to drive more call conversions

DialogTech Tells SnapCap What Marketing Source Drove Each Call

Because call conversions play such an important role in SnapCap’s success, the marketing team needed to know which advertising programs were getting customers to call. So they turned to DialogTech.

“DialogTech’s call attribution platform shows us which marketing source drove every call, so we can allocate budget to the keywords, ads, and channels driving the most calls and customers.”

Mack Johnston
VP of Data & Analytics at SnapCap

“DialogTech’s call attribution platform shows us which marketing source drove every call, so we can allocate budget to the keywords, ads, and channels driving the most calls and customers,” said Johnston. “Since using DialogTech, we’ve optimized our digital marketing to drive 68% more call conversions without increasing our cost per lead. We also integrate DialogTech’s call data with Google Analytics to get a complete understanding of what’s driving both online applications and phone leads.”

DialogTech helps SnapCap optimize call conversions from Facebook ads

SnapCap’s Sales Agents Use DialogTech and Salesforce to Convert Callers to Customers

To better manage inbound calls, SnapCap’s sales team uses DialogTech in tandem with their Salesforce CRM platform. DialogTech is the only call tracking provider that has Call Distributor technology to help sales agents convert more callers to customers. Here’s how DialogTech’s integration with Salesforce benefits SnapCap:

  1. Embedded within Salesforce, DialogTech provides a panel for SnapCap sales agents to sign into whenever they are ready to receive inbound calls.
  2. When a call comes in, DialogTech assigns it to the next available signed-in agent.
  3. Before taking the call, the DialogTech panel shows the SnapCap sales agent valuable information about the caller, including the marketing source that drove the call, who the caller is, and where they are calling from. The agent can use this insight to better frame the conversation and convert the caller into a customer.
  4. If the caller is a new lead, all the DialogTech call data and information captured during the call will be automatically populated in a new Salesforce record. If the lead already exists, the DialogTech panel displays links to their Salesforce record for easy access and automatically adds the call information to it.
  5. To monitor agent call activity, SnapCap sales management uses the DialogTech manager’s panel, which provides a real-time view of every sales agent’s current status and call activity for the day, the number of calls waiting on hold in the queue, and more.

Example of a DialogTech sales agent panel embedded within Salesforce

“DialogTech’s call management capabilities and integration with Salesforce have been invaluable,” said Johnston. “Having our sales agents know the marketing source that drove each call before beginning the conversation has been fantastic. Knowing if the person is calling from a search ad after actively looking for our services versus calling after they happened to see our social ads helps agents frame the conversation.”

Having DialogTech’s marketing attribution data for each caller in Salesforce also enables SnapCap to see which ad sources are best at not only driving calls, but driving customers. And that helps Johnston and the marketing team make smarter decisions about how to allocate budget. “We are very pleased with the DialogTech service. It has had a huge impact on our marketing team’s conversion tracking and analytics. We are now much more comfortable testing new ad campaigns because we can measure the complete ROI. And DialogTech has been a big help in assisting our sales agents with closing business. It’s been a win-win.”

  • SnapCap offers small business owners a better way to fund their businesses by providing a fast, personalized, and hassle-free lending experience.
  • Driving call conversions is a primary goal of SnapCap’s digital marketing, so they needed a solution that could tell them which marketing sources were getting customers to call.
  • Using DialogTech to attribute and analyze calls from their marketing, SnapCap’s marketing team was able to optimize performance to drive 68% more call conversions.
  • SnapCap’s sales team also uses DialogTech’s integration with Salesforce to better manage inbound calls and arm sales agents with insights to convert more callers to customers.


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