SmartSites Uses DialogTech to Drive 32% More Calls to 200+ Clients

Of SmartSites 250+ clients, around 85% are using DialogTech’s call tracking. According to Alex Melen, Co-Founder of SmartSites, they encourage all clients to use DialogTech. Melen explains that prior to providing call tracking they would have clients claim that they weren’t seeing results.

“We were in operation for a couple years before we implemented any type of phone tracking. Honestly, those were some of the more difficult times for our business because a lot of what we do not only drives traffic and conversions from a website, but also drives phone calls.”

Melen explains they were losing business because they did not have the data to back up the number of phone calls they were generating from their marketing efforts. SmartSites would have clients telling them, “I have this gut feeling the marketing campaign didn’t do well based on one day we didn’t hear the phone ringing.” Once the agency started using DialogTech to track calls from their marketing down to the keyword level, they had the metrics they needed to prove ROI to their clients.

Since implementing DialogTech, SmartSites estimates that on average they have increased inbound call volume to businesses by 32% from their marketing. They have also decreased cost per call by 20% and increased customer acquisition by 25%.

DialogTech has helped SmartSites generate 25% more business for their customers

New Jersey’s Leading Plumbing Company Has Decreased Cost Per Call By 50%

One of SmartSites clients, New Jersey’s leading plumbing company, receives an extremely large volume of calls every day. As Melen explains, “In today’s mobile-first world, when a pipe bursts in your house the first thing you are going to do is search on your mobile device for ‘plumbers near me’ and click to call.”

85% of this plumbing company’s conversions come directly from phone calls, while only 15% are from web-based contact forms. Using DialogTech, SmartSites provides this plumbing company with daily metrics of how many calls came in via their marketing and website, and more importantly, how many calls resulted in appointments. They have seen a 50% decrease in cost per call since they started working with DialogTech and a 30% increase in customer acquisition.

Call Recordings Enable SmartSites to Help Clients Improve Customer Experiences

Beyond tracking calls from marketing, SmartSites also uses DialogTech to record the calls they generate to clients to measure lead quality. Call recordings also help them coach clients to improve the caller experience.

For example, Melen explained that one medical client said that the calls he was getting were irrelevant and that they were not making new appointments. But reviewing the call recordings from DialogTech enabled SmartSites to learn that the person answering the calls was often rude, would not record the appointments, and was sometimes even hanging up the phone on callers. Correcting that issue enabled the client to see immediate results.

DialogTech’s Data Has Helped SmartSites Grow Their Own Business

Being a long-time DialogTech partner, SmartSites has seen the value and payoff of using call analytics to grow their business. By using DialogTech’s call tracking with their own advertising and website, they not only measure phone leads for each offering, but they track calls back to Google AdWords keywords and analyze the call recordings to get CPA (cost per acquisition).

Melen explains that their agency was “originally only in New Jersey and then covered the NYC metro area, but over the last two years we have expanded nationally. With DialogTech data we have been able to test different markets and see what the acquisition costs are for each.”

SmartSites has experienced impressive 75% growth in the past three years, and earned a place on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list thanks in part to the success of using DialogTech’s call attribution solution with the majority of their clients.

SmartSites is a results-driven digital agency specializing in website design, SEO, and pay-per-click marketing. They work with over 250 clients, from Fortune 500 companies to small-and-medium sized businesses in a wide range of industries, from medical to legal to home services — most of whom regard inbound calls as their most valuable leads. SmartSites uses DialogTech to track the phone calls they deliver to clients, which has enabled them to generate 32% more calls and 25% more business for their customers. The agency also uses DialogTech to track calls their own marketing and website, which has enabled them to increase calls from new clients by 100%.


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