Roadside Protect Takes Control of their Voice-Based Roadside Assistance Service Using IVRs and Toll-Free Numbers from DialogTech

Challenge: Needed Increased Speed, Control, and Advanced Capabilities for Telecom Solution

Roadside Protect had a problem: they were growing fast. It’s a good problem to have, but as they continued to sign up new clients, their telecom provider couldn’t keep up. When Roadside Protect would request toll-free numbers it would often take more than thirty days to receive them, seriously delaying the customer onboarding process. When the company requested custom reports, they were often ignored or deprioritized. Their previous provider also did not support call recording and other advanced reporting capabilities, limiting Roadside Protect’s ability to be transparent on all levels with customers.

As their business grew, Roadside Protect sought out a faster, more robust solution that could provide three specific elements their business needed to continue growing rapidly.

The first solution Roadside Protect sought out was the ability to purchase toll-free numbers on the fly for new customers. They needed a solution that could help them get new customers up and running immediately.

Second, Roadside Protect needed a solution that could save them time by automating the process of caller eligibility. Since callers had to provide an authentication number to prove their eligibility for assistance, this meant Roadside Protect operators were having to manually validate thousands of callers a week. It was threatening to impact the speed of their responsiveness.

Third, Roadside Protect’s customers often require call activity reports to see how their service is performing. Roadside Protect sought out a solution that could provide real-time access to comprehensive reporting data – and provide it fast.

Solution: DialogTech Provides Roadside Protect with Toll-Free Numbers and Custom IVRs Fast

To solve their problems, Roadside Protect turned to DialogTech. DialogTech was able to provide Roadside Protect with access to thousands of toll-free phone numbers for new customers as well as access to real-time reports of their call data. New phone numbers and reports can be accessed at anytime by simply logging into DialogTech’s online portal.

Roadside Protect also worked with DialogTech to set up a custom interactive voice response (IVR) solution to automate caller eligibility authentication. The IVR greets toll-free callers and then has them enter their unique validation code. The IVR menu authenticates the caller’s identity, and the caller is then routed to a Roadside Protect agent for access to roadside assistance.

Results: DialogTech Improves Roadside Protect’s Control and Responsiveness

DialogTech’s IVR solution and toll-free numbers have significantly improved Roadside Protect’s ability to control the way their customers communicate with them. Roadside Protect can setup and make changes to their IVR in minutes without technical assistance. They have more control over the quality and speed of their responsiveness to customers in distress.

Implementing DialogTech’s IVR solution, Roadside Protect has been able to cut costs by eliminating the need to manually authenticate callers on every call when minutes matter. According to Jim Wohlever, President of Roadside Protect, “a live human minute can cost as much as twenty times that of an IVR. Real-time reports have enabled Roadside Protect to provide their customers with comprehensive reporting, helping them prove the speed and quality of their service.”

“DialogTech and its capabilities are now core to our business model and value proposition, enabling us to control the way our customers communicate with us – 99% of which is over the telephone,” said Wohlever. “We needed a faster, more responsive solution that would offer us more control over our service, and that solution was DialogTech.”

Leading provider of specialty roadside assistance, Roadside Protect, aims to make it easy for auto brands, auto dealers, travel organizations, manufacturers, associations, financial institutions and insurance companies to offer roadside assistance membership programs to customers. Roadside Protect’s clients rely on them to provide service to end users for flat tires, towing, car jumps, and other roadside emergencies. During the critical minutes when a user experiences a breakdown, they need to be able to reach reliable help instantly. It’s crucial for Roadside Protect to be able to respond to these users fast and provide exceptional service over the phone.


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