RestorationSOS Generates More Business Using DialogTech

RestorationSOS Uses Marketing Insights from DialogTech to Drive More Calls

RestorationSOS began using DialogTech’s call tracking service to monitor and manage the effectiveness of their marketing programs, including Google paid search advertising. Using DialogTech’s call tracking technology, RestorationSOS is able to view the specific marketing source that generates every inbound phone call. For Google paid search, they can even view the keyword, ad, and landing page that generated the phone call, so they can understand exactly what’s working –– and what isn’t –– to optimize campaign performance and improve marketing ROI.

“DialogTech’s call tracking definitely helps RestorationSOS market more intelligently, generate more leads, and improve our marketing ROI. For our Google PPC ads, DialogTech’s call tracking reports enable us to weed out bad keywords and underperforming ads and landing pages, so we can funnel our advertising budget to campaigns that really drive leads,” said Leo Nov, owner of RestorationSOS.

DialogTech Arms Sales Agents with Insights to Improve Caller Experience

When calls come in, DialogTech displays a pop-up on the agent’s screen showing RestorationSOS agents the exact marketing ad, campaign, keyword search, or other source that generated the call. DialogTech even whispers the name and lead source of the inbound caller prior to the agent saying hello.

For example, if the lead was calling from a Chicago area code or searched for a Chicago contractor on Google before calling, RestorationSOS can answer the call with “Hello, this is RestorationSOS of Chicago,” giving their service a local feel. Being able to see the lead source for each caller also arms the answering agent with valuable information to more quickly qualify the lead and transfer them to the most appropriate vendor.

Tracking Leads Through the Sales Funnel Using DialogTech’s CRM Integration

Next, using DialogTech’s API integration, RestorationSOS integrates all of their phone lead data with their in-house CRM system. Having all of their phone lead data in their CRM enables RestorationSOS to see where their most valuable leads come from by tracking them through the sales funnel to revenue. Using this data, RestorationSOS has been able to grow their business by better allocating marketing spend to sources that generate valuable customers.

Recording Phone Calls for Quality Assurance

Finally, RestorationSOS also needed the ability to monitor calls between the leads they generate and their vendors to ensure quality. Using DialogTech, every inbound phone lead that RestorationSOS receives and connects with a consultant is recorded for quality assurance. The call recordings are used to monitor customer satisfaction and quality of the service agents.

“DialogTech’s call recording feature is a huge help,” said Nov. “It enables me to be in between the customer and my contractor at all times. I know if the job is being done well, and how much was paid. This adds a lot of value and makes our lives much easier.”

RestorationSOS is the world’s largest resource for fire and water damage and mold and sewage backup. When people experience damage from these events, they reach out to RestorationSOS to be connected with experienced and certified experts that can help.

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