Outbound IVR Saves Go Configure Over $70,000 Per Year


Using DialogTech’s hosted IVR technology, Go Configure was able to automate voice broadcast calls to suppliers, drivers, and customers regarding each delivery.

“As a result of using voice broadcasting to automate the notification-and-confirmation process, we have had the opportunity to grow our business without increasing our staffing expense,” said Dawn Rivera, Director of Operations for Go Configure.

Overall, DialogTech provided an easy and reliable outbound IVR service that positively impacted Go Configure’s daily business operations, while saving the company over $70,000 per year.

Go Configure, Inc. is an outdoor products delivery and installation company with over $14 million in sales, based in Lisle, Illinois. While the company sought growth opportunities, they were constrained by staffing expenses. Go Configure saw an opportunity to increase efficiency while also reducing expenses by automating the 5 phone calls their in-house staff was making for each delivery.

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