Monroe Optimizes Digital Marketing and Caller Experiences with DialogTech

Phone Conversations Help Monroe Help Customers Succeed

Founded in the 1950s, Monroe Engineering is a world leader in the distribution of industrial components with superior value and incredible customer service. The Monroe team lives by a simple question – “How can we help?” – and that philosophy extends to the phone, where their expert sales engineers help customers get the right answers and best solutions for their business.

“Talking with our customers and providing world-class service over the phone is extremely important to Monroe’s success,” said Kevin Budzynski, ‎CMO at Monroe. “Our customers often have questions about Monroe products and need to speak with one of our sales engineers before finalizing a purchase.”

Nearly 70% of customers shopping for products engage with Monroe by calling, making phone calls an important conversion path for Budzynski and his marketing team. They use paid search campaigns, email marketing, display retargeting, and industrial directories to help drive phone call conversions to their various locations across the United States.

Nearly 70% of Monroe’s leads from digital advertising are phone calls

DialogTech Enables Monroe to Take a Data-Driven Approach to Calls

To take a data-driven approach to driving calls, Budzynski knew they needed to measure how effective each channel is at generating callers and customers. But after trying two call tracking providers, he was unimpressed. “The first two call tracking technologies we used just didn’t have the functionality we needed. But then we adopted DialogTech, and it’s been amazing,” said Budzynski.

Insights from DialogTech have helped us reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) by 15%, which has been amazing. DialogTech has paid for itself several times over in CPA savings.

“Insights from DialogTech have helped us reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) by 15%, which has been amazing. DialogTech has paid for itself several times over in CPA savings.”

Kevin Budzynski
CMO at Monroe

“For us to get a good ROI, we have to get very granular data on what drives good calls,” explained Budzynski. “For AdWords and Bing PPC, for example, we need to track calls down to the keyword, and that’s why DialogTech is the ideal solution for us. We can see how much we are spending in a campaign, what’s converted over the phone, and ultimately the lifetime value of those conversions.”

Budzynski and his team take the value they get from DialogTech to the next level by passing call data to their other marketing tools, including Google Analytics, AdWords, Salesforce, and Pardot: “DialogTech has great built-in integrations. With Salesforce, for example, the integration was seamless and really sets DialogTech above the other call tracking products we tried. And DialogTech has a very robust API we used to build an integration with Pardot that shows for each email how many people clicked on the link, visited our website, and called.”

Monroe Uses DialogTech to Route Callers to the Best Location

Monroe has sales engineers taking calls in locations throughout the United States, including Michigan, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, and California. Routing callers from their digital advertising to the best location right away is important. “We set up rules in DialogTech to automatically route callers based on time of day and caller location,” said Budzynski. “So any caller located on the west coast gets routed to our west coast offices, but other callers get routed based on time of day. Calls in the morning go to east coast locations, and calls in the late afternoon and evening go to the west coast. It ensures a Monroe engineer is always there to answer calls from our digital advertising.”

When calls come in, DialogTech also shows in Salesforce valuable information about the caller, including the marketing source (channel, ad, search keyword, webpage) that drove the call, who the caller is, and where they are calling from. Monroe’s sales engineers can use this insight to better frame the conversation and help the caller find the right solution faster. It enables Monroe to provide a personalized, seamless experience as customer interactions move from online to the phone.

Example of a DialogTech sales agent panel embedded within Salesforce

Monroe Uses DialogTech to Analyze Conversations for Insights

DialogTech automatically records and transcribes phone conversations for all their locations, and Monroe’s marketing and sales managers use DialogTech’s Conversation Insights tool to analyze those calls. “We monitor phone calls for quality assurance,” explained Budzynski, “and our sales managers use DialogTech to randomly pick 10 to 15 calls to review during sales meetings for training and coaching. We love the transcription service. And the keyword spotting technology in Conversation Insights searches through transcriptions to pick up calls from different product lines to see what people are calling about. Other call tracking tools claim to offer conversation analytics service but they don’t work nearly as well as DialogTech.”

The End Result for Monroe: Optimized Marketing Spend and Happy Customers

“DialogTech has been great, with very good customer service,” concluded Budzynski. “Knowing how our marketing drives calls and customers helps us eliminate wasted ad spend. We can tell that a particular keyword term is generating a lot of phone calls but no sales, which helps us make smarter optimizations. Insights from DialogTech have helped us reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) by 15%, which has been amazing. DialogTech has paid for itself several times over in CPA savings.”

  • Monroe Engineering is a leading global industrial manufacturing and distribution company with product offerings in aerospace, automotive, medical, transportation, and more.
  • After trying other call tracking solutions and finding the functionality inadequate, Monroe adopted DialogTech and has been thrilled with the results.
  • Using call analytics data from DialogTech, Monroe optimized media spend by reducing their cost per acquisition from digital advertising by 15%.
  • DialogTech also helps Monroe route callers to the best location and provide personalized, winning customer experiences.


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