inktank LLC Describes DialogTech as ‘Essential’


When a sizeable real estate client approached inktank to help increase occupancy and generate home sales in two communities located at the epicenter of Florida’s beleaguered real estate market, inktank’s founders, Tresa Veitia & James Williamson, knew they needed to defend every dollar of marketing investment and quickly demonstrate results given generally challenging economic conditions and rampant foreclosures in the industry. “It’s not as if real estate buyers aren’t out there,” said Veitia, “you just need to be smarter and more effective than the other guys.”

“There are several marketing channels that readily lend themselves to measuring ROI. But we wanted to carry our ability to precisely measure marketing results to traditionally less measurable vehicles, such as newspapers, circulars, magazines, postcards and even online activity where ‘Call Now!’ was our primary objective,” said Veitia. inktank knew that prospect-initiated call-ins represented the highest quality leads. inktank wanted to generate those leads without sacrificing measurability so important in driving ROI and optimizing lead-conversion.


inktank decided to acquire a bank of phone numbers from DialogTech, and assign a unique phone number to each individual advertisement, promotion or marketing effort. Utilizing DialogTech, inktank was able to measure results of different combinations of marketing channels and advertising messages to identify the most effective combinations of media and messaging. They then used DialogTech’s Call Routing technology to direct calls to sales agents shown to most effectively convert homebuyer leads, and to sales agents interested in taking after-hours leads. The latter virtually extended the client’s business hours, without adding overhead.

“We no longer advertise for our clients without an DialogTech call tracking number. Our clients expect to understand results of their marketing investment, and call tracking numbers are the best way we know to affordably and reliably collect the data we need.”


Business is booming. inktank helped their Real Estate client virtually sell out their inventory of vacant homes across two sizeable communities in South Florida.

“If we can generate this much business in a down economy, imagine how much business we could generate in a good real estate market,” inktank said. “We were so successful so quickly that we actually turned-off the pay-per-click campaign. The client was nervous about turning off advertising, but inktank convinced them not to spend more until additional inventory was available.”

While the call tracking numbers more than paid for themselves through insights leading to better business decisions and marketing optimization, DialogTech also resulted in better media placement, as inktank was able to show publishers how their vehicles were performing versus their competitors. Rather than lose business, weak-performing publishers opted to work collaboratively with inktank to ensure delivery of strong ROI for the client. “Such productive collaboration would not have been possible without the hard data provided by DialogTech. We were able to provide concrete feedback on how their publications could be more effective for our client, the advertiser.”

“Our Real Estate client is clamoring for ideas on where else we can use DialogTech’s technology. We keep uncovering delightful new ways to leverage DialogTech to improve measurability and business results. As a results-driven marketing Agency, we are very happy to have discovered this great tool.”

To find out more about inktank’s measurably effective marketing solutions for realtors, financial services, supply chain, retail, and other business-to-consumer or business-to-business industries, contact Tresa Veitia at (212) 647-7111.

inktank is a boutique marketing/advertising agency specializing in emerging and midsize companies. With a focus on measurable, results-generating campaigns, inktank is constantly on the lookout for smart marketing technologies that give clients an edge. inktank is not a company to simply throw advertising dollars blindly at a problem and then cross fingers. Hope is not a strategy!


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