How a Global Funeral Service Provider Increased Revenue by 35% with BusinessOnline and DialogTech

Phone Calls Are Critical to the Customer Journey for Funeral Service Provider

A global funeral service provider launched a new concept to serve families with the highest quality care after the death of a loved one. Traditionally, funeral services are arranged at a funeral home, which can be dark and depressing. This new model put the needs and comfort of the family first, architecting an experience where arrangements are made on the bereaved’s terms, either over the phone or at their home.

The funeral service provider hired agency BusinessOnline to optimize their digital advertising to generate more of the most valuable customer engagement: phone call conversions. “Phone calls were the conversion that drove the most business for the client,” said Rachel Ready, Vice President of Digital Marketing at BusinessOnline. “So we went to work to build a data-driven strategy to optimize their digital advertising across search, social, display, and Yelp to get more customers calling at a lower cost per call.”

DialogTech and Dashboard Analytics Provide the Insights to Drive Results

BusinessOnline built a plan that involved measuring how digital advertising drove calls to the funeral service provider, how those calls converted to customers, and their overall impact on marketing ROI. To get the data and insights on how marketing drove calls, BusinessOnline used the DialogTech call attribution platform. “The analytics data we receive from DialogTech shows us exactly how sources such as Facebook, Google AdWords, Bing AdCenter and Yelp drive calls, down to the search keyword, ad, and listing,” says Ready.

Next, BusinessOnline connected the client’s CRM system with DialogTech to track phone leads from digital advertising through the customer journey to revenue. “By connecting DialogTech call data to the client’s CRM and also to Data Weld, BusinessOnline’s own marketing analytics service, we had complete insight into how to drive not just the most calls, but the most customers at the lowest costs.”

call data

Business Online Data Weld DialogTech

Data Weld brought together the performance metrics from DialogTech and the client’s CRM system into visualized dashboards. This provided a complete picture of how phone calls were contributing to marketing’s efforts and the impact that sales agent performance on calls had on customer acquisition.

“By combining DialogTech with our dashboard analytics, we knew exactly how to optimize marketing performance to drive sales. In the first 11 months, marketing ROI increased significantly, from -27% before the engagement to +27%,” said Ready. “We helped build a data-driven culture where marketing and sales were more tightly aligned, and the 35% increase in marketing-driven revenue was a key indicator of our success.”

Next Steps: Analyzing Conversations for Insights

BusinessOnline will continue to leverage the DialogTech call attribution data to optimize ROI from digital advertising. They are also looking at partnering with DialogTech to turn the actual content of phone conversations into data and insights. “Using DialogTech to analyze conversations from each marketing source will enable us to better predict callers that are more likely to purchase. We can use that data to create a more scientific lead scoring and engagement model to optimize digital advertising performance,” said Ready.

  • The client, a global funeral service provider, hired digital marketing agency BusinessOnline to help them acquire more customers by generating more qualified callers from digital advertising.
  • With the help of call conversion attribution data captured by DialogTech, BusinessOnline was able to optimize digital advertising campaigns to drive revenue by driving a higher volume of qualified callers at a lower cost per call.
  • By building a data-driven culture through call attribution and dashboard analytics, BusinessOnline drove a significant increase in marketing ROI for their client in the first 11 months, increasing revenue by 35% while decreasing cost per call by 23%.


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