Healthcare Marketing Agency US Lead Network Improves Reporting and Client Retention with DialogTech

Inbound Calls Drive New Medical Patients for Healthcare Marketing Agency

Due to the sensitivity surrounding personal health information and the urgency of medical calls, US Lead Network’s clients’ find the majority of patients prefer to speak with someone directly versus filling out an online form. All of their clients use DialogTech’s SourceTrak software to track inbound calls back to the specific digital marketing campaign that drove the call. With insight into what digital channels, ads, keywords, and webpages converts visitors to phone leads, their clients are able to make informed marketing decisions.

DialogTech Significantly Improves Marketing Reporting Efficiency for US Lead Network

With a large number of clients, each with their own objectives and KPIs, US Lead Network found the process of consolidating data and creating reports to be strenuous and time consuming.

By using DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights, they were able to pull metrics from different marketing sources into DialogTech and create custom reports for each one of their clients. According to founder and CEO, David Greene, MD, MBA, “Before Dashboard Insights, client reporting was a haphazard compilation of various reports. I had to go take screenshots to show KPIs. It was all reactive.” With the ability to automate weekly reporting updates for all clients using DialogTech, US Lead Network was able to save minimally three hours per week on this project.

Dashboard Insights helped improve client retention and reporting efficiency for US Lead Network.

Advanced Reporting Increases Client Retention for US Lead Network

Along with the increased marketing reporting efficiency since implementing Dashboard Insights, US Lead Network has noticed the solution has helped them retain and renew clients. One client in particular, valued at over $36,000 per year in revenue for the agency, extended their business agreement after US Lead Network began using Dashboard Insights. The client was so impressed with the reporting improvements that they felt confident the agency could help them reach their marketing goals.

“There is a huge psychological component of seeing one report that’s organized and in one place in DialogTech’s dashboard. If anything looks out of the ordinary, we can help our clients optimize. It has changed how we do business and improved client satisfaction.”

Dashboard Insights Helps Agency Measure Social Media Attribution

US Lead Network, like many agencies and marketers, found reporting social media metrics and campaign-specific ROI to be an ongoing challenge. “It’s always been a problem to show ROI from social media — until now, since we have the Dashboard Insights tools,” said Greene.

With a number of clients running PPC campaigns on their social platforms, it was critical for US Lead Network to accurately track, measure, and report on the success of these campaigns back to their customers. With Dashboard Insights, all conversions initiated by paid social ad or social media post can now be attributed back to the source, allowing clients to accurately track which campaigns contribute to ROI.

Customizable and Comprehensive Visual Reports Provide Competitive Advantage

With the ability to combine data from inbound call and online activity, customers are able to visualize metrics and optimize their marketing approach based on the insights gathered. “Clients appreciate seeing everything together, and it proves that we know what we are doing. DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights is a huge competitive advantage”, said Greene. Utilizing a tool like Dashboard Insights helps to improve reporting efficiencies and measure the success of various marketing activities.

If you would like to see all of your marketing data (including your calls!) in one platform today, you can try DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights for yourself.

US Lead Network provides leading healthcare internet marketing, including custom website creation, SEO services, lead generation, and more to their clients. They needed to prove ROI of client marketing activities, particularly from social media and configure KPIs based on various client needs and objectives. By implementing DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights, US Lead Network now saves more than 3 hours per week on reporting marketing ROI to clients. The ability to provide clients with a visually stunning report of their marketing ROI in one easy-to-read dashboard has helped them retain several clients including one valued at $36,000 per year.


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