F5 Media Uses CAKE and DialogTech to Master Pay-Per-Call, Deliver Over 500K Phone Leads in 6 Months

Mobile Has Made Pay-Per-Call A Critical Vertical For F5 Media

F5 Media is a full-service digital advertising company. They provide one of the world’s leading performance-based networks that connects top affiliates with advertisers seeking quality leads for a wide range of industries. F5 Media’s network of affiliates have always used digital marketing to drive online conversions to clients, but as digital marketing has shifted to mobile, a new opportunity became clear: pay-per-call.

“As consumers run searches, interact with display ads, and visit websites on their smartphones, they often convert by using click-to-call buttons instead of filling out a web form,” explained Henry Whitfield, Senior Affiliate Manager at F5 Media. “And these calls are often the most valuable leads to advertisers, especially in industries such as healthcare, insurance, home security and improvement, and education where a conversation with a human is an important step in the buyer journey. This has made pay-per-call a massive market and a natural fit for F5 Media’s performance marketing network moving toward the future.”

DialogTech’s LeadFlow Gives F5 Media Complete Control Over Pay-Per-Call

F5 Media initially went with a different pay-per-call solution, but found it lacked the functionality they needed to succeed. So they switched to DialogTech’s LeadFlow.

“To do pay-per-call right, you need absolute visibility into where calls are going, when they are going there, and why,” said Whitfield. “Only DialogTech’s LeadFlow provides the granular call analytics data and the call routing control we need. Their people are always extremely helpful and responsive – a real joy to work with. Making the switch to DialogTech for pay-per-call was a no-brainer for F5 Media, and we are thrilled with the results.”

Using LeadFlow’s rules-based call routing engine and IVR technology, F5 Media keeps advertisers happy by routing them the right callers at the right time. F5 Media can now route calls from their affiliates based on a wide variety of criteria, including:

  • the specific keyword search or ad the caller is responding to,
  • the day and time of the call,
  • each advertiser’s call threshold and cost-per-call agreement,
  • and much more.

Integrating DialogTech With CAKE Provides A Complete Tracking Solution for Digital Campaigns

F5 Media uses CAKE’s leading tracking and attribution platform to analyze and optimize the impact of all their digital and mobile campaigns. “At F5 Media we use CAKE as our main hub for seeing in real-time how every campaign is performing, so we know what’s driving the most – and best – leads to our advertisers. We also use the CAKE technology to automate the collection, validation, and distribution of our online leads,” explained Whitfield.

Because DialogTech’s LeadFlow integrates with CAKE in real-time, F5 Media can view up-to-the-second performance of their pay-per-call campaigns in CAKE alongside their other online lead generation campaigns. The joint solution also enables F5 Media to see the duration and outcome of every call, so they can run campaigns with a wide variety of attractive payout options for advertisers. For example, advertisers can choose to only pay if a phone lead becomes a sale, or they can opt to pay more for a 5-minute call (which is indicative of a more valuable and engaged lead) than for a 20-second call.

“By using CAKE and DialogTech together, we now run truly innovative online and pay-per-call campaigns that drive significant value for both our affiliates and our advertisers,” concluded Whitfield. “In the first 6 months, we’ve helped deliver over half a million phone leads to advertisers. Everyone is thrilled with the results.”

  • F5 Media provides one of the world’s leading performance-based marketing networks, connecting the industry’s top affiliates with advertisers seeking quality leads.
  • Pay-per-call is one of the most lucrative and sought-after campaign types for both affiliates and advertisers. F5 Media uses DialogTech’s LeadFlow™ technology to ensure the right calls are always routed to the right buyers, right away.
  • F5 Media integrates LeadFlow with CAKE’s tracking and analytics SaaS platform for complete, real-time understanding and control of every affiliates’ delivery of online leads, call conversions, and sales to each advertiser.
  • In the first 6 months of using DialogTech and CAKE, F5 Media has delivered over half a million quality calls from affiliate campaigns to advertisers. It’s been an overwhelming success.


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