DialogTech Helps RMI Drive More Calls and Sales for Home Warranty Leader

Response Mine Interactive (RMI) is an industry-leading digital marketing services firm. They combine data-driven performance marketing with their own in-house call center to generate customers for many of the biggest brands in home services, retail, and healthcare.

RMI uses a wide mix of both online and offline marketing strategies to drive phone leads into their call center to convert to sales. RMI uses DialogTech for attribution to identify which of their marketing channels, campaigns, keywords, and webpages drive the highest quality inbound sales calls. When consumers call, RMI also uses DialogTech to automate the qualification, so RMI’s call center agents can focus on callers interested in making a purchase.

“We’ve been using DialogTech for years to attribute call conversions we generate for our clients,” said Corey Spraggins, Paid Media Supervisor at RMI. “DialogTech enables us to see exactly how our marketing strategies generate calls that our call center converts to customers. It also plays an important role in ensuring only sales leads get routed to our call center to close.”

“DialogTech gives us a blueprint of how our marketing drives calls that convert to home warranties, so we can make the right strategic decisions to grow sales.”

Corey Spraggins
Paid Media Supervisor at RMI

DialogTech Helps RMI Drive More Calls and Sales for Home Warranty Leader

RMI’s end-to-end sales generation strategy delivers strong results for their clients. For example, RMI works with the largest home warranty company, acquiring high-value customers for them. “We track and measure success closely—both for our marketing campaigns and our call center—and optimize for what works,” said Spraggins. “For clients like our large home warranty partner, where 80% of the leads are phone calls, DialogTech plays a critical role in that success.”

1. Call Attribution from Marketing Source to Sale

For the home warranty provider, RMI uses DialogTech to measure what marketing source drove each call, down to the keyword search and webpage. They integrate call data from DialogTech with Google Analytics to get a holistic view of what marketing channels drive the most conversions, both over the phone and online. They also pass DialogTech call data into their BI tool for sales matchbacks to connect phone leads from marketing source to customer acquisition.

“DialogTech gives us a blueprint of how our marketing drives calls that convert to home warranties, so we can make the right strategic decisions to grow sales,” said Spraggins. “By enabling RMI to optimize our marketing for what works, DialogTech has helped us increase inbound sales call volume by 11%.”

2. Automated Caller Qualification and Routing via IVR

RMI generates high volumes of inbound calls, but not all of which are looking to buy a home warranty—some are calling for customer service help. “The objective of RMI’s call center is to drive sales, and customer service calls get in the way,” said Spraggins.

So RMI uses a DialogTech IVR to automatically segment callers on the front end, asking them if they are calling for sales or customer service. If the caller says they are interested in a home warranty, the DialogTech IVR routes them to RMI’s call center to convert. If they indicate they are a current customer looking for support, the IVR routes them to the client’s call center to assist.

“By enabling our call center agents to focus on legitimate sales calls, DialogTech has helped RMI improve our call center sales conversion rates by 21%. We are extremely happy with the results, and so is our client.”

  • Digital marketing services firm Response Mine Interactive (RMI) uses performance marketing and an in-house call center to generate sales for customers.
  • RMI uses DialogTech to attribute, qualify, and route calls driven by their marketing to their call center.
  • DialogTech has helped RMI increase inbound sales call volume by 11% and conversion rates by 21% for one of the nation’s largest home warranty providers.


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