DialogTech Helps HotelsCorp Optimize SEM and Drive Greater ROI

HotelsCorp Offers Callers Luxury Vacation Packages at Amazing Prices

HotelsCorp is a leading online vacation provider that offers the absolute lowest prices on the Internet for getaways to premiere travel destinations. They offer discount theme park tickets, hotel reservations, and an array of individually tailored vacation packages to suit the needs of any family. Most travelers book their vacations with HotelsCorp via a phone call.

“Inbound calls are the lifeblood of our business, and our marketing team’s number one role is driving those calls to our call center,” said Maya Springer, Manager of Internet Marketing for HotelsCorp. “Thanks to DialogTech, we can prove how our marketing has driven hundreds of thousands of calls a year to our call center and increased our bookings by 71% year-over-year.”

DialogTech’s Call Attribution and Analytics Helps HotelsCorp Optimize Search Campaigns

“Paid search accounts for a high percent of our marketing budget,” said Springer, “but we had no visibility into which PPC campaigns and keyword searches were generating the only conversion that matters to us: inbound calls.”

So HotelsCorp turned to DialogTech’s call attribution software to track every call back to the search engine, keywords, ad, and campaign that drove it. They also used DialogTech to get invaluable insight into the geographic location of each caller and the times and days that generated the most calls. HotelsCorp then optimizes their paid search bidding for the keywords, locations, and times of day that drive the most calls. They integrate DialogTech with Google Universal Analytics and Google AdWords to see call conversion data next to their web and search analytics and get complete visibility into each searcher’s online and offline behavior.

“A year ago we had no call attribution tracking,” said Springer. “Now using DialogTech’s call attribution and analytics technology, we’re tracking thousands of calls every month from paid search. We have decreased cost-per-conversion by 10% while generating 83% more calls and 71% more bookings. It’s been amazing.”

HotelsCorp Leverages DialogTech Call Recordings to Reduce Hold Times

The HotelsCorp marketing team also uses DialogTech’s call recording technology to monitor the call experience they provide their paid search conversions. Call recording gives them deep insight into the conversations their agents have with callers.

For example, the marketing team needed to examine what happened on calls that lasted under three minutes. Did the agent mishandle the call? Did the caller leave the IVR before reaching an agent? “By analyzing DialogTech recordings for calls under three minutes, it allowed us to improve our IVR process and on-hold times for callers,” said Springer. “We realized we had a long IVR that callers were dropping out of. DialogTech gave us visibility into the problem, so we could make improvements to optimize the caller experience and conversion rates.”

Springer claims, “DialogTech is a godsend for our business. Before, we were shooting in the dark. DialogTech has really helped us optimize our marketing campaigns to grow our ROI and bookings. We couldn’t be happier with their service.”

  • HotelsCorp is a subsidiary of Westgate Resorts, one of the largest resort developers in the world.
  • HotelsCorp generates revenue through destination marketing by operating as an online travel agency. Most of their business comes from inbound calls.
  • DialogTech’s call attribution and analytics technology helped HotelsCorp generate 83% more calls and 71% more bookings from paid search – all while cutting costs by 10%.

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