DialogTech Helps Hogsalt Capture Revenue From Missed Reservation Calls

Hogsalt’s Rising Popularity Drives More Calls to Their Restaurants

Since opening Gilt Bar in 2010, Hogsalt’s portfolio has expanded to include top restaurants Au Cheval, Bavette’s, Green Street Smoked Meats, Cocello, The Doughnut Vault, Maude’s Liquor Bar, High Five Ramen, California Clipper, and Roxie’s by the Slice. The rising popularity of Hogsalt’s businesses led an accompanying rise in the number of calls they received for reservations. They implemented DialogTech’s hosted IVR (interactive voice response) technology to route daytime phone calls from their restaurants to a central office location, staffed by two hourly employees. Hogsalt also selected Converged Communication Systems as their telecom consultants.

“I don’t know why any multi-unit restaurant group wouldn’t be using DialogTech’s service to manage off-hour calls,” said Ryan Wagner, Director of Operations at Hogsalt. “We have been able to accommodate an entire segment of patrons we had previously missed. Our patrons call early, yet our teams arrive later in the day. By using DialogTech, we’ve found a cost-effective solution to this problem and been able to capture previously missed opportunities.”

DialogTech’s IVR and Call Distributor Facilitate Centralized Phone-Based Reservations for Hogsalt

When evaluating IVR and call routing technologies, Wagner found many vendors required the purchase or replacement of hardware – a costly investment for them to make. “We liked DialogTech because it gave us the flexibility to use any phone type and saved us money in terms of hard costs,” Wagner explained. And while Hogsalt reservationists currently work from a central office, DialogTech’s technology also leaves open the possibility for agents to work remotely in the future.

During daytime hours Monday through Friday, DialogTech’s IVR automatically routes calls from Hogsalt restaurants to their reservationists’ central office. DialogTech’s Call Distributor then manages the queue of inbound calls for them, effectively helping them be in four places at once while they manage online and phone reservations. And in the event a caller reaches their voicemail box the message is transcribed and emailed to the respective restaurant’s manager.

“We really love DialogTech’s whisper message feature,” said Wagner. “Before answering a call our reservationists receive whispered information on which restaurant a customer called, creating a seamless experience for both agent and customer.”

More Off-Hours Calls Answered = More Incremental Revenue for Hogsalt

Since implementing DialogTech’s technology, Hogsalt has documented an average of 12,500 calls each month between their four restaurants. Wagner’s breakdown included how Hogsalt has secured hundreds of reservations as a result of the calls DialogTech has helped them qualify, route, and manage.

“Between our four restaurants, Hogsalt was missing out on calls for hundreds of reservations that were worth around $75,000 in net revenue every month,” explained Wagner. “DialogTech’s call management technology has allowed us to capitalize on these otherwise missed calls and opportunities. The ROI has been amazing.”

DialogTech’s Dedicated Support Makes Hogsalt’s Implementation Seamless

After establishing their needs and determining an IVR and Call Distributor were the right solution, Hogsalt turned to DialogTech’s support team for implementation. “We loved having one-on-one personal training from DialogTech,” said Wagner. “It was invaluable to our setup and understanding of DialogTech’s products. I was extremely impressed by DialogTech’s commitment to Hogsalt’s success.”

“After seeing what DialogTech and phone calls can do for our bottom line, we will always be available to our customer’s who call during off-hours,” asserted Wagner.

  • Hogsalt, a prominent restaurant group headquartered in Chicago, was missing hundreds of daytime calls from patrons seeking reservations because many of their restaurants weren’t open to take them.
  • DialogTech’s IVR and Call Distributor technology allow Hogsalt to route thousands of monthly calls for these restaurants to a central office where they have two reservationists taking both online and phone reservations.
  • DialogTech’s whisper messages help Hogsalt’s reservationists to know which restaurant a caller is calling for so they can answer with the appropriate greeting.
  • DialogTech helps Hogsalt manage their daytime call volume so they can book hundreds of previously missed reservations worth around $75,000 in net revenue monthly for Bavette’s, Maude’s, Gilt Bar, and Cocello.

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