DialogTech Helps Central Restaurant Products Optimize Marketing to Drive 13% More New Customers Each Year

Phone Calls Play a Huge Part in Central’s Success

Central Restaurant Products equips the people who feed the world. They are the leading wholesale distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies, providing the products and solutions that hotels, restaurants, and food retail and grocery stores need to thrive.

Central sells equipment online via their website, but what really sets Central apart is their call center of 55 expert product consultants who help customers get the information and assistance they need to make the right purchase. They are extremely important, because for Central, phone calls are huge business drivers, making up 56% of orders and 81% of total revenue.

Central Restaurant Products uses conversation analytics technology.

For Central, big ticket orders are most often made over the phone

“At Central, our customer service is second to none, and a big part of that is the support we provide customers over the phone,” said Nathan Smith, Marketing Database Analyst at Central. “Most of our orders come from phone calls, and this is especially true for higher-priced products that people might not feel comfortable buying online. They want to speak to a human being first who is an expert in that product, and that’s what Central provides.”

DialogTech Helps Central Attribute and Optimize Calls and Sales

Because so much of Central’s revenue comes from the call channel, the Central marketing team knew that to optimize the performance of their digital advertising and website, they needed to attribute phone calls and orders back to the correct marketing source that drove them. And for that, they chose DialogTech.

“Before DialogTech, our marketing team was attributing only 20% of revenue from digital channels like Google and Bing, which were just the orders placed online via our website,” said Smith. “Now with DialogTech, we can attribute the 80% of revenue we were missing that comes from phone calls, and it’s been a game-changer.”

For example, when a prospect calls Central from their AdWords or Bing text and shopping ads:

  1. DialogTech captures the search engine, ad, and keyword search that drove the call.
  2. If the caller visits the Central website before calling, DialogTech also captures each person’s path through the website, including the page they called from.
  3. Central feeds that call data into their CRM system to see which marketing interactions drive not just calls, but revenue.
  4. Central then passes that revenue data back to AdWords to optimize bidding to drive more of the calls that lead to customers.

Central Uses DialogTech to Analyze Phone Conversations for Insights

Central also uses DialogTech to analyze what happens on the calls their marketing generates. “We use DialogTech’s conversation analytics technology quite a bit,” said Smith. “For example, we can quickly look at the source of a call – say a Google shopping ad – then dive into the actual phone conversation to see if it was a quality lead. Or we can analyze calls from a specific product’s webpage to see what questions callers are asking, then have our content team update the details on that page to answer them.”

“In the 2 years since we started using DialogTech, we’ve increased calls by 23% and new customers by 13% year over year. It’s been huge.”

Nathan Smith
Marketing Database Analyst at Central

  • Central Restaurant Products is the leading wholesale provider of equipment and supplies for the foodservice industry.
  • Over 80% of Central’s revenue comes from orders placed over the phone with their call center.
  • DialogTech helps Central attribute calls and orders back to the marketing source responsible, so they can optimize ad spend to drive the most calls and revenue.
  • In the 2 years they’ve used DialogTech, Central has increased call conversions by 23% and new customers by 13% year over year.


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