DialogTech Helps Bath Fitter Optimize TV and Paid Search Ads to Drive More Calls and Business

Bath Fitter Uses Call Analytics to Optimize Marketing Campaigns to Drive More Calls

“75% of Bath Fitter’s in-home consultations are made over the phone,” explains Melissa Zaino, Marketing Director at Bath Fitter. “DialogTech is an important partner in helping us understand which marketing sources are driving calls and sales, and then using that data to optimize spend to drive business.” Here’s how it works:

  • DialogTech assists Bath Fitter on trackable phone numbers to track the calls they receive from specific TV stations, so they can optimize spend on the placements driving calls.
  • They also use DialogTech’s keyword-level call attribution and dynamic number insertion technology to track callers from their paid search advertising. It tells Bath Fitter exactly which keywords, ads, and landing pages are driving calls, so they can allocate spend for what’s really working. The technology works whether the lead calls right from the call extension in their search ad, or calls after clicking through to their landing pages.
  • Bath Fitter works with their agency, Horizon Media, to review DialogTech’s call analytics reports, which also appear in Google Analytics, and use that data to optimize for the channels and ads driving the most in-home consultations and sales.
  • Horizon Media also passes call data from DialogTech into their Marin Software bid management platform to automatically allocate budget to the paid search keywords driving the most calls.

“DialogTech is an instrumental partner in providing us with the tools to evaluate and optimize our marketing mix,” said Zaino. “With DialogTech we get detailed tracking and reporting that helps us understand how to generate more calls from our marketing.”

Call Routing Ensures Bath Fitter Callers Reach Nearest Consultant

Bath Fitter uses DialogTech’s contextual call routing technology to get callers to the right consultant right away. They needed flexible technology that could adapt to calls from multiple marketing channels, as well as the ability to route calls within two countries. Here is how they do it:

  • Calls from paid search in the U.S. are sent to a DialogTech IVR where a caller inputs their zip code and is automatically transferred to the closest local Bath Fitter branch.
  • Calls from TV advertising and Canadian contacts are sent to a call center where they use DialogTech’s Call Distributor technology to route calls to live agents. These agents help direct callers to the appropriate Bath Fitter branch based on the caller’s phone number and location.

Zaino states, “DialogTech’s call routing allows us to provide callers a personalized experience and helps us support our locations by sending them qualified callers they can then turn into booked appointments.”

“Next we’re planning to expand our analytics with session-level call tracking data in order to optimize paid search with even more detail,” said Zaino. “We’re very excited to continue this partnership with DialogTech.”

Bath Fitter is the industry-leading manufacturer of one-piece and free-standings tubs and showers designed to help make their customers’ bathroom renovation an easy, simple, and enjoyable experience. They have a network of 200 corporate- and franchisee-owned branches across the United States and Canada.

Bath Fitter receives tens of thousands of calls from TV and paid search each month, and those calls are extremely valuable: 80% convert to an appointment and 50% convert to a sale. With DialogTech’s call analytics and delivery software, Bath Fitter is able to measure, evaluate, and optimize calls from TV and paid search to drive more in-home consultations and revenue.


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