Dental Support Organization Uses Phone Call Analytics from DialogTech to Help Kids Get Quality Medical Care

Inbound Calls Drive Medical Appointments

This DSO (who preferred to remain anonymous for this story) was formed over 10 years ago to provide quality dental care to pediatric Medicaid patients. They have since expanded to 25 locations, always with the goal of ensuring every child has access to the medical care they need, all under one roof. Their goal is to help parents get their children the care they need without worrying about the cost.

The DSO’s marketing team generates new patients through a wide variety of marketing channels, including paid search and Facebook ads, television and radio ads, and targeted direct mail. All advertising is direct response with a primary call-to-action to call to make an appointment.

“Around 80% of patients who contact us through our marketing do so over the phone,” said the DSO’s Director of Marketing. “Our primary goal is to help new patients call our call center to book appointments for their children at one of our 25 locations, and it’s vital that we know exactly how our marketing campaigns — both online and offline — are driving calls and appointments to each one.”

DialogTech Provides Reliable and Accurate Call Tracking

“Before DialogTech, we had no idea how our marketing was generating calls and what our cost-per-call was for each marketing channel,” said the Director of Marketing. “We tried another call tracking system but the reporting was extremely limited and, even worse, the system would often drop calls. We moved to DialogTech, set it up, and it’s just right. It doesn’t break or lose calls and you have access to great reporting and analytics.”

Using DialogTech, the client has complete marketing analytics for each call. That includes data on what marketing channel, ad or direct mail, search keyword, and website interaction drove the call, as well as data on the caller, their location, and what happened on the call.

The DSO integrates their call analytics from DialogTech into Google Analytics and TapClicks marketing dashboards. Being able to view all conversions — both online and over the phone — together provides a holistic view of their marketing performance.

DialogTech Helps Route Callers to the Right Agents Right Away

The DSO organizes its call center agents by territory, with each pod of agents booking appointments for specific geographies. To help get the right callers to the right agents right away, they use special phone numbers from DialogTech. “We configure the trackable numbers from DialogTech to route calls from the right locations to the right agents, providing callers with the best, most efficient experience,” said the Director of Marketing.

Analyzing What’s Said on Calls Helps Optimize Marketing Spend

The marketing team’s main goal is generating calls from new patients, since there are many other mechanisms to retain and expand existing patient relationships. “Generating new patients is how our marketing can really move the needle, and we use DialogTech to analyze conversations to see which channels drive the most calls from new patients,” said the Director of Marketing.

Using DialogTech’s Conversation Insights technology, the team has selected a robust set of keywords for both the caller and the agent that, when spoken during a call, indicate the nature of the call and whether it is from a new patient or existing client. DialogTech’s conversation analytics technology automatically tags calls where these words and phrases are spoken and lists them for the DSO’s marketing team to review, along with detailed information on the marketing source of the call. It saves the DSO time while providing actionable insights.

“DialogTech shows us every call where important words are spoken by the right party, and that helps marketing see how to allocate budget to drive the most new-patient calls,” said the Director of Marketing. “Seeing that AdWords unbranded keywords generate calls and appointments from new patients at a higher rate than direct mail in a specific market, for example, is powerful data to improve our marketing and reduce our cost per call.”

The DSO is especially impressed with the speed of the insights. “With the help of DialogTech we can reliably understand how our marketing is doing very quickly. We can know if a new test or strategy is working right away.”

Impressive Marketing ROI Fueled by Phone Call Analytics

Using DialogTech to get insights into phone calls and eliminate the blind spot in her marketing analytics has been a game-changer for the DSO. “Now that we have complete analytics on marketing performance, we are able to make smarter optimizations. With the help of call analytics from DialogTech, we’ve decreased our cost per lead by over 50%, so we can invest our marketing dollars for what is generating the most new appointments for children in need of health care.”

According to Jonathan Sackheim, founder of the digital advertising agency Grounds for Promotion that works with the DSO: “We wanted a rock-solid call tracking solution because proving results is at the very heart of what we do. More than a year after recommending DialogTech to our client, we’ve been very impressed with the tracking solution, analytics, and reporting integration, and friendly support. Furthermore, they’ve been easy to work with both directly as an agency, or when our client contacts them directly. We feel working with DialogTech has reflected well on us, and has very much helped our client.”

  • With 25 offices nationwide, this dental support organization (DSO) has helped over a million children in underserved communities gain access to quality dental, vision, and orthodontic care.
  • Inbound phone calls are the number one way parents book appointments for their children, so it’s important that the DSO knows how their marketing generates these calls.
  • With the help of phone call analytics from DialogTech, the client has optimized their marketing spend and cut their cost per patient by more than 50% and better focused their marketing on helping kids get quality medical care.


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