Comfort Keepers Optimizes Marketing to Generate More Calls and Customers with DialogTech

National Marketing Team Responsible for Driving Leads to Franchisees

Comfort Keepers is one of the nation’s leading providers of in-home care for seniors and other adults, with over 450 global franchise locations.

Phone conversations play an important part of the customer journey for Comfort Keepers. “People are making a high-dollar decision. They have a loved one and want to make sure we will do a great job for mom and dad,” said Bryan Huber, Global Director of Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers.

70% of the leads the national marketing team sends to franchisees are phone calls. “We had a huge gap with visibility,” added Huber. “Imagine you do a search for ‘home-care’ and you click on a PPC ad and you end up at You like what you see, and you find a location and dial that number. Well previously we had no visibility into all of the local numbers that were being dialed based off of the national advertising.”

Comfort Keepers

Using DialogTech, Comfort Keepers now has complete keyword-level attribution for every call their national advertising and website deliver to every location. That data is integrated into their other platforms, including Google Analytics, DoubleClick, and Optimizely, for holistic insight.

“DialogTech is outstanding. It helps us understand exactly how our marketing is driving calls, so we can optimize our digital efforts and ad spend to focus on bringing in clients.”

Bryan Huber
Global Director of Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers

AI Analyzes What Happens on Calls to Prove Lead Quality

“We started tracking everything. We are getting thousands of calls coming in – and now the next challenge becomes how can we start to look at the insight into what happened when calls are transferred to the local franchisee,” said Huber.

Machine-learning algorithms analyze what’s said on each call to determine if the caller is a potential new customer, a current customer, someone applying for a job as a caregiver, or some other type of call. For new callers, the AI also scores the call to measure lead quality. This data enables the Comfort Keepers marketing team to not only optimize for the channels driving the most business, but also prove the full value of their marketing campaigns to franchisee.

“I have a very small team, and we can’t listen to thousands of calls. So we go through a sampling and tell DialogTech these calls are of this type of disposition and let them run it through their analytics product and start to machine-learn. Now I’m getting thousands of calls coming in but I can understand the disposition of those calls. Instead of saying, ‘Hey, we drove 2,000 calls this week,’ I can say we drove X number of new customer calls, X number of new caregivers, existing caregivers, and other without listening to every single phone call,” added Huber.

Comfort Keepers Targets New Audiences Likely to Call

Call Data Helps Comfort Keepers Target New Audiences Likely to Call

DialogTech showed Comfort Keepers the consumers who called in and became customers. By integrating DialogTech call data with Quantcast, they are now able to find new audiences that resemble those callers and target them with display ads encouraging them to call. Over 6 weeks, this caller-modeling audience tactic generated 16x more conversions than the next best tactic.

Watch this video to hear more about Comfort Keepers’ path to success using DialogTech’s call attribution and AI:

  • Comfort Keepers is one of the nation’s leading providers of in-home care for seniors, with over 700 franchise locations.
  • Using DialogTech, Comfort Keepers has complete marketing attribution for every call to every location.
  • Comfort Keepers also uses DialogTech’s AI to analyze conversations to determine caller intent, lead quality, and outcome.
  • Good callers are added to display lookalike audiences, generating 16x the conversions of next best audience.


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