Call Tracking Helps WiderFunnel’s Client Drive More Phone Calls

WiderFunnel Generates 42% More Phone Calls for Client With Call Tracking

WiderFunnel, a marketing optimization agency, was engaged by Saint Jude Retreats to increase the number of people who call after visiting the organization’s website.

To increase sales inquiries, WiderFunnel designed several new website landing page variations and set up a test to determine which variation would achieve the highest conversion rate.

The new design optimized the landing pages for phone call inquiries, as opposed to online inquiries, since phone inquiries were more likely to convert into sales. This conversion goal posed a challenge, as traditional web analytics tools track online activity, not phone calls.

To overcome this challenge, WiderFunnel placed a unique DialogTech call tracking number on each landing page variation to accurately measure the number of phone calls generated by each landing page variation, in real-time.

Using call tracking numbers, WiderFunnel measured a 42% increase in phone calls from the top performing landing page variation, demonstrating a significant boost to the business of Saint Jude Retreats.

“DialogTech’s call tracking tools and customer support is second to none. DialogTech played an integral part in measuring the success of our landing page optimization efforts, and we couldn’t be any happier with the results,” said Daniel G. Hidalgo, Marketing Director of Saint Jude Retreats.

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