Call Analytics from DialogTech Helps Roger West Drive 434% More Reservations for Roy’s Restaurants

The Problem: Understanding the Value of Calls from Marketing Channels

Since Roy’s is a multi-location restaurant brand, developing a local- and mobile-focused paid search plan that involved call conversions was critical. The teams at Roy’s and Roger West understood reservations were coming from calls but had inadequate data about which marketing channels were driving them and how exactly to optimize bids and targeting to drive more.

Roger West turned to call tracking and conversation analytics provider DialogTech to get the deep, real-time insights on calls they needed to succeed.

The Step-by-Step Approach: How Roger West Leveraged DialogTech to Deliver Results

1. Analytics and Optimization

According to Jessica Moore, Director of Digital Strategy at Roger West, the first challenge was to show the value of paid search as a strong channel for generating calls that resulted in reservations and private dining bookings.

To prove this, Roger West launched paid search campaigns across multiple keywords, at different times of day, and featuring a variety of ad creative. They used DialogTech to capture which keywords, times of day, and ad variations were driving the most and highest-quality calls, along with the caller’s location and activity on the Roy’s website before calling.

“Thanks to DialogTech’s call analytics data we knew how to focus mobile spend during high-converting times of day to reach the largest audience and increase reservations for Roy’s restaurants.”

Jessica Moore
Director of Digital Strategy at Roger West

With DialogTech, Roger West was able to see which ads were providing the most value to each Roy’s location. According to Moore, “DialogTech call analytics data helped us allocate our budget to drive more calls and reservations for Roy’s restaurants, while also understanding where to spend extra dollars. For example, we recognized that a high number of reservation calls were coming from mobile paid search on Fridays between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Thanks to DialogTech’s call analytics data we knew how to focus mobile spend during high-converting times of day to reach the largest audience and increase reservations for Roy’s restaurants.”

2. Understanding Conversations

In addition to showing clearly how their ad spend was driving calls to each location, DialogTech was also able to help Roger West and Roy’s understand which calls from which sources converted to customers.

DialogTech’s conversation analytics technology helped uncover what happened during each call to each restaurant, including:

  • If the call was answered
  • How many rings before a call was answered
  • What was said during the call
  • The outcome of the call

By having DialogTech analyze and categorize conversations where specific words were spoken, such as “reservation” or “directions,” Roger West could easily see the purpose of the call and assign a lead score based on its likelihood to convert. Conversation analysis also showed whether the call did or did not result in a reservation or booking for Roy’s.

“We found that 70% of calls that were one minute or longer included the words ‘reserve’ or ‘reservation.’”

Jessica Moore
Director of Digital Strategy at Roger West

“We looked at 90 days of call data in DialogTech and filtered out inquiries about ‘hours open’ or ‘directions,’” said Moore. “We found that 70% of calls that were one minute or longer included the words ‘reserve’ or ‘reservation.’ DialogTech allowed us to optimize keywords and ad copy based what was driving calls of longer duration—signaling a call to book a reservation or purchase a gift card. This helped us better allocate budget and push more spend into mobile and high-performing dayparts.”

Conversation analytics from DialogTech also revealed that, although more competitive and expensive, non-brand keywords drove high-quality calls. Roger West also saw how non-branded terms drove more calls and reservations from first-time visitors than branded – a valuable demographic. It enabled them to make the case for certain Roy’s locations to continue using non-brand keywords.

3. Optimizing Programmatic Display and Paid Search Messaging

By utilizing DialogTech’s Google Analytics and AdWords integrations and including call conversion data within those platforms, Roger West was able to gain a holistic view of customer experiences and make smarter optimizations.

These optimizations allowed Roger West to improve the way they were communicating with potential Roy’s diners by creating customized messaging to fit different audiences. For example, with programmatic display ads, they started directing retargeting messaging specifically to consumers who had visited the Roy’s site but did not convert online or over the phone.

 Roy's digital ad

In addition, they improved their paid search campaigns by retargeting individuals who had previously converted with ads that contained special offers. Using lookalike audiences, they served ads featuring gift-card, price-point, and percent-off-dining promotions to audiences who resembled those who had converted.

4. Improving the Caller Experience with Sales Coaching

With access to what was said on calls available from DialogTech, the Roger West and Roy’s teams could also easily review call recordings and transcriptions for quality and training purposes.

“Our clients love listening to the quality of calls,” said Moore. “We noticed some Roy’s locations had ring times of more than 20 seconds before calls were answered. We were able to speak to our client contact and explain how prioritizing phone calls could help drive reservations and make local paid search more effective.”

These insights allowed the Roy’s team to improve caller experiences by training restaurant staff and remedy a situation that could be unpleasant for the customer and detrimental to business.

The Outcome: Reservations Skyrocketed

Using the analytics and insights on calls from DialogTech, Roger West optimized marketing performance to increase conversions by 563% and decrease CPA by 52%. Roger West started with a smaller monthly budget from Roy’s, but because Roger West was able to optimize campaigns to drive huge increase in calls, they increase the budget by 340% within 90 days. Within seven months, reservations had increased by 434%, cost per reservation dropped 38%, and mobile call conversions alone had increased by 461%.

increase in reservations
decrease in cost per reservation

Streamlined Omni-Channel Client Reporting

By leveraging Dashboard Insights, DialogTech’s omni-channel marketing dashboard, Roger West could easily show the Roy’s team not only quantitative results, but qualitative results as well. The dashboard visualized all of their call conversion data, Google Analytics data, Bing data, and more together in easy-to-read reports.

Dashboard Insights

(Sample image of the Dashboard Insights marketing dashboard.)

With the help of DialogTech, Roger West have drastically cut down report creation time. Prior to this, they were “stitching” together data in Excel. According to Moore, “Being able to share reports with customers through the DialogTech dashboard saves us a huge amount of time. We cut down reporting from taking 2.5 hours per week to 10 minutes. It also prevents all of our data from being siloed.”

By bringing DialogTech into the project, Roger West was able to build a closer relationship with their client and gain increased budget for expanded projects.

“If you want to close the digital-to-voice gap in your data for all marketing channels, try DialogTech,” said Moore. With the help of DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights, Moore’s team at Roger West is able to communicate more effectively with their clients since they can visually explain optimization recommendations. According to Moore: “Our clients feel better with their investment and in us as their account managers. We’re extremely happy with DialogTech.”

If you would like to read more from the Roger West team, you can view their case study. Additionally, to learn about local ad strategies to drive more calls and customers from AdWords and Facebook, view our informative on-demand webinar.

Roy’s is a national upscale dining brand specializing in Pacific Rim fusion cuisine, with 21 restaurants in the continental United States. The brand has, for many years, partnered with digital marketing agency Roger West to produce their many email campaigns and promotions. Last year, the Roy’s marketing team engaged Roger West to improve their paid search and display advertising strategy to increase the number of reservations, private dining bookings, and gift card sales.


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