DialogTech Helps C2 Education Drive 150% More Enrollments from Callers

C2 Education is a leading provider of test prep, tutoring, and college counseling services, with over 180 education centers across the US. Whether students are aiming for higher test scores, better grades, or dream college acceptances, C2 Education can help.

As with most high-touch businesses, phone calls from consumers play a big role in the customer journey for C2 Education. To get leads calling, the national marketing team uses a wide mix of channels and strategies, from digital (including search, display, social, and email) to offline (direct mail and print). To understand how their marketing drives calls that convert to enrollments, C2 Education uses DialogTech.

Connecting Calls from Marketing Channels to Enrollments

“We’ve been a DialogTech customer for years,” said Courtney Carrasco, Director of Marketing at C2 Education. “DialogTech’s SourceIQ™ enables us to see exactly how our marketing channels and media spend drive calls that convert to enrollments. We can then optimize for what works best, down to the search keyword, website interaction, and direct mail offer.”

C2 Education integrates DialogTech with Google Analytics to provide a holistic view of marketing-driven engagements, both online and over the phone. They also pass call attribution data from DialogTech into their CRM system to follow calls from their initial marketing source through to enrollment.

C2 Education even uses DialogTech to record calls to use as training tools to improve conversion rates and customer service at their call center.

“Using intelligence on calls from DialogTech, we’ve optimized our call center channel enrollments by 150% while lowering our cost per lead by 40%. It’s been a game changer,” said Carrasco. 

“Using intelligence on calls from DialogTech, we’ve optimized our call center channel enrollments by 150% while lowering our cost per lead by 40%. It’s been a game changer.”

Courtney Carrasco
Director of Marketing at C2 Education

New Dynamic Call Routing Process Has Big Benefits for C2 Education

Getting good leads to call is critical, but businesses still need to provide callers with timely, helpful experiences to convert them to loyal customers. For multi-location companies like C2 Education, that can be a challenge.

“Our marketing campaigns generate high volumes of calls from prospects,” said Carrasco. “We want those calls — and only those calls — going straight to our call center where agents are trained to convert calls to actionable leads. Conversely, when current customers call to reschedule their child’s appointment, we want them sent to the tutoring location nearest them, not tie up call center resources.”

To ensure callers are routed to the best destination right away, C2 Education worked with DialogTech Consulting Services team. The team architected a custom call qualification and routing solution using DialogTech’s ExperienceHub™ that has made an immediate impact. Now when someone calls C2 Education:

  • An automated DialogTech IVR qualifies the caller as a new lead or current customer.
  • For new prospects, the IVR routes them to the call center for assistance.
  • For existing customers, if they called a local center’s number they are routed to that center. If they called a toll-free number, the IVR has them input their ZIP code and routes them to their closest local center.
  • Consulting Services also implemented custom routing rules regarding operating hours based on C2 Education’s specific requirements.

What’s more, the DialogTech team helped build an integration with C2 Education’s call center solution, so that agents receiving calls get a screen-pop informing them of the center location the caller is interested in and the marketing channel that drove the call. It arms agents with intelligence to have more effective conversations with prospects.

Sample of a DialogTech screen-pop for call center agents within a CRM system

Before this solution, only 15% of total call volume to the call center was from prospects — it was a big waste of money and call center resources. Now with DialogTech, 50% of calls to the call center become leads, with calls from current customers going to their local center. It’s enabled C2 Education to drive more enrollments from prospects, decrease call center call volumes and costs, and provide better service to customers.

increase in enrollments from calls to call center
decrease in cost per lead

“The work DialogTech Consulting Services has done has been amazing,” said Carrasco. “They were able to get a custom call routing solution up and running quickly that does exactly what we need. It’s saved us money while helping us convert more callers to customers.”

  • C2 Education is a leading provider of test prep and tutoring services, with over 180 education centers across the US.
  • Many customers become leads by calling, and C2 Education uses DialogTech to attribute, qualify, and route calls to improve conversion rates.
  • Using intelligence on calls from DialogTech, C2 Education optimized call center channel enrollments by 150% while lowering their cost per lead by 40%.

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