Blue Tent Achieves 340% Increase in ROI for Client Campaign Through DialogTech Call Tracking


Blue Tent recognized that clients had a significant blind spot around which of their Internet marketing initiatives were really working. According to Josh Lewis, VP of Marketing, Blue Tent thought they were ignoring an important channel to track marketing success: the phone. Deploying call tracking capabilities would enable Blue Tent clients to better understand the overall success of online marketing campaigns.

Business Solution

Blue Tent uses DialogTech call tracking to create unique phone numbers and assign those numbers to specific client campaigns. When the client receives a call, it is automatically tracked back to the marketing initiative that generated the call and included in an activity report. This report gives Blue Tent and its clients a more comprehensive picture of leads and transactions that resulted from specific campaigns. Historically, Blue Tent clients did not truly understand how their print advertising was performing because they were not tracking inbound phone calls generated from marketing initiatives.

Using DialogTech’s whisper message feature, rental or real estate staff can also be alerted as to who is calling or where they heard about the business — prior to accepting the call. This whisper alerts the agent about the prospect prior to taking a call, giving them information about where the call originated — whether it was a billboard, TV ad, or through a web form, for instance. If the call converts to a sale, the staff member can easily make a notation within the property management system in which they’re working.


Overall, Blue Tent clients have reported positive feedback around DialogTech’s call tracking capabilities, which now enable them to establish a more comprehensive ROI for marketing campaigns. They have also touted the affordability of call tracking, as well as the ease of use in deploying and managing the call tracking programs.

“Call tracking allows us to understand what Internet marketing initiatives are working best for our clients and how to better optimize them,” said Lewis. “DialogTech offers a cost-effective way to implement call tracking, and we’ve been very pleased with the results.”

As a case in point, Blue Tent client,, assigned unique toll-free phone numbers to each online marketing initiative: email, PPC, banner ads, and event sponsorships. They were able to see how many calls they received from each 800-number, and consequently what campaigns were generating the most calls (and most sales). In looking at call tracking statistics during the span of one month, 1,035 phone calls were generated (of which 686 were unique caller IDs) across 19 unique 800-numbers. Thirty-three percent of those unique callers were leads and the conversion rate for those calls was also around 33%, or 75 closed calls. During the same time period, Google Analytics, which is also integrated with DialogTech call tracking, reported a total of 7,300 online visits to TellurideLodging resulting in approximately 31 online transactions. Based on this data, online transactions only had a 0.4% conversion rate, which was quite a bit lower than the conversion rate TellurideLodging experienced for phone calls.

Tracking phone calls enabled Telluride Lodging and Blue Tent to report a significant 340% increase in ROI. According to Blue Tent, without call tracking those transactions would have most likely been incorrectly tagged as direct bookings. Instead, thanks to call tracking, they were correctly recorded as leads because a prospect called in to the unique 800-number.

When evaluating the success of a specific festival marketing campaign, the call tracking numbers proved to be even more significant. The Telluride festival microsite referred 127 unique visits to their main site. This resulted in two online transactions, a conversion rate of about 1.5%. The unique festival 800-number revealed that 75 phone calls were generated from that same microsite. Of those 75 calls, 24 were actual leads; of those leads, they closed approximately 33%, or about eight transactions.

Call tracking ultimately showcased their true ROI for the festival marketing campaign was five times better than what they would have typically reported. This information enabled the company to adjust marketing budgets accordingly and enhance overall marketing strategies.

As an Internet marketing agency serving the vacation and real-estate rental industry, Blue Tent Marketing provides a comprehensive array of Internet marketing solutions that are central to developing a company’s web presence. Offerings include dynamic website development and design, search engine marketing, email marketing services, and strategic consulting. Founded in 2002, the company serves clients around the country.


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