Action Urgent Care Converts More Callers to Patients with DialogTech

Action Urgent Care is an urgent care group with 45 clinics across California, providing urgent and primary care services to treat a wide range of illness and injuries.

As with most healthcare providers, Action Urgent Care receives a significant percentage of patients from inbound phone calls. “As you would expect with urgent care, walk-ins are our biggest conversion, but phone calls are a clear number two, with over 30% of patients scheduling appointments by calling,” said Nic Peterson, Vice President of Growth and Marketing at Action Urgent Care.

Because calls are such an important driver of patients, Peterson and the marketing team need to ensure they are not only driving high volumes of calls to their clinics, but providing the best experiences to convert callers to patients. So they use DialogTech.

“We’ve been a customer of DialogTech’s for years,” said Peterson. “We began using DialogTech to track calls to clinics from marketing channels and paid search keywords. But we especially love how easy DialogTech makes it to not only analyze — but centrally control and route — calls to all our clinics. It’s tremendously valuable to our business.”

Action Urgent Care Provides Callers Expert Help with DialogTech

It’s a common problem for multi-location businesses and franchises: Calls are important conversions, but locations aren’t staffed or trained to handle callers. And missed calls and unhelpful call experiences mean lost opportunities and customers.

Before DialogTech, nurses at each Action Urgent Care clinic had to answer calls themselves. “It was very disruptive to the staff, and calls were being missed,” said Peterson. “Our nurses are there to treat patients, and having them also assist callers was impacting the care they provide clinic patients and the experience we provide callers.”

“We’ve reduced unanswered calls by 40% and increased caller-to-patient conversions rates. It’s been amazing.”

Nic Peterson
Vice President of Growth and Marketing at Action Urgent Care

Using DialogTech’s ExperienceHub™, Action Urgent Care now provides callers with efficient, expert assistance. When patients call any location, DialogTech routes the caller to call centers that Action Urgent Care has set up at four clinic locations. Regardless of what clinic the patient is calling or what marketing channel drove the call, every call rings all four call center locations simultaneously, with the first one to answer getting the call. The makeshift call centers are staffed by agents trained to assist callers, book appointments, and answer billing questions.

“Moving from nurses answering phones everywhere to a more centralized call center with trained agents has made a big impact on patient acquisition,” said Peterson. “DialogTech’s ExperienceHub makes it easy for us to control how calls to all our clinics are routed. We’ve reduced unanswered calls by 40% and increased caller-to-patient conversions rates. It’s been amazing.”

The Marketing Team Analyzes Patient Calls for Actionable Insights

With the help of DialogTech, Action Urgent Care has optimized marketing performance to increase inbound calls by 62% year over year. And they use DialogTech’s DialogAnalytics™ to analyze what happens on calls for every location. Peterson and his team can go into DialogTech at any time to see:

  • Call volume for each clinic
  • When calls are coming in
  • What percentage of calls were answered
  • Who answered the call
  • The reason for the call
  • The outcome of the call

“DialogTech gives us complete visibility into what happens on the phones,” said Peterson. “We can look at call volume to any location and compare it to appointments. If there is a gap, we can pull up call recordings for that clinic in DialogTech to diagnose why calls aren’t turning into appointments and make corrections at the call center level to fix it.”

increase in inbound calls year over year
decrease in unanswered calls

Action Urgent Care also appreciates the personal service and support they receive from DialogTech. “I work with a lot of vendors, and I think DialogTech is far and away the most helpful and useful,” said Peterson. “DialogTech’s experts are always available and have helped us explore and implement some very impactful strategies for calls. I don’t have to worry about the phones anymore, and it’s been a great comfort.”

  • Action Urgent Care is an urgent care group with 45 clinics across California.
  • Many patients call to make an appointment, and Action Urgent Care uses DialogTech to track, route, and analyze calls to clinics.
  • With help from DialogTech, Action Urgent Care has increased calls to clinics by 62% and decreased unanswered calls by 40%.


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