1000Bulbs.com Uses Call Analytics to Drive More Revenue from Google Shopping PLAs

Launched in 1996, 1000Bulbs.com is the leading online distributor for the lighting industry, combining expert customer service with an easy purchasing experience and highly competitive prices.

To drive sales for their vendors, the marketing team at 1000Bulbs.com uses a mixture of digital marketing strategies, including email, social, and SEO. But one of their most important channels is paid search, and more specifically, Google Shopping ads — also known as PLAs (Product Listing Ads).

“A large portion of our advertising budget is with Google Shopping ads,” said Rony Daniel, Digital Strategist at 1000Bulbs.com. “When optimized properly, PLAs are an extremely effective revenue driver for us. They are also an extremely powerful driver of consumer calls. Each week we generate thousands of calls from our Google Shopping ads.”


Their Call Center Helps Set 1000Bulbs.com Apart

One doesn’t necessarily think of phone calls as being important to the success of Google PLA campaigns or ecommerce. But for many online retailers, especially those in B2B or selling higher-end products, they are.

“Call-in customers are generally our most valuable customers,” said Jeremy Foster, VP of Marketing at 1000Bulbs.com. “Our average order value from calls is 3x that of online sales. Businesses making large purchases want to speak to one of our experts to get answers to complex technical questions, get information on delivery dates, and check inventory. It’s one of the big differences between 1000Bulbs.com and Amazon — we have experts in our call center ready to help.”

DialogTech Provides 1000Bulbs.com With Complete Visibility Into Calls

Because calls are important revenue drivers, 1000Bulbs.com uses DialogTech to attribute and analyze calls driven from their marketing channels:

  1. Call Attribution: When a consumer calls, DialogTech automatically captures the marketing source (channel, ad, keyword search, webpage) they engaged with before calling.
  2. Conversation Analytics: DialogTech records and transcribes the conversation and makes it easy for the marketing team to run custom analytics on calls to uncover insights to improve audience segmentation and call-to-sale conversion rates.

“We drive thousands of calls a week from Google PLAs alone,” said Daniel, “so it isn’t feasible for us to manually listen to every recording — it would take forever. But DialogTech enables us to see in a matter of moments which calls from which channels are actually converting to orders — and just as importantly, which aren’t and why.”

First-Party Call and Online Data Integrated for Smarter Marketing

1000Bulbs.com activates their first-party call data from DialogTech within their other marketing tools to improve customer acquisition. “We use Google Optimize for our website A/B testing, and DialogTech enables us to include consumer calls as goals in Google Optimize A/B tests to find the most effective page variations,” said Daniel.

1000Bulbs.com also integrates DialogTech call data in Google Analytics for a holistic view of consumer activity. “We have complete insight into how our paid search, SEO, and other channels drive engagement — both online and over the phone. We can make intelligent optimizations to increase revenue and sales at a lower cost per conversion,” said Foster.

“We’ve tried other call tracking solutions, but none can do what DialogTech does.”

Rony Daniel
Digital Strategist at 1000Bulbs.com

1000Bulbs.com Uses Analytics on Conversations to Build Better Audiences for Google Ads

Perhaps the most value 1000Bulbs.com gets from DialogTech comes from what’s said on calls. 1000Bulbs.com uses DialogTech to analyze phone conversations from any date range they choose to find all the calls that match their desired query. It enables them to segment callers into audiences for more effective remarketing in Google Ads. For example, DialogTech can:

  1. Find every call in the last week from a Google Shopping ad mentioning a particular product.
  2. Filter those calls to find the ones showing buying intent for that product, such as calls where the caller spoke phrases such as “I’m looking for,” “Do you have,” and “I need pricing for.”
  3. From those buying-intent calls, filter further to find the ones indicating a conversion, such as where someone said “quote,“ “Visa,” or “expiration date.” (DialogTech redacts credit card numbers from recordings for 1000Bulbs.com to keep them PCI compliant.)

DialogTech then puts the good callers that didn’t convert into the right 1000Bulbs.com remarketing audience in Google Analytics to show those consumers the most relevant Google Ads to convert them. 1000Bulbs.com can also suppress non-sales calls from seeing future ads or target good callers with cross-sell campaigns of relevant products.

“We’ve tried other call tracking solutions, but none can do what DialogTech does. Being able to build audiences from consumer conversations for better remarketing and also review the actual call transcriptions for marketing insights is a game changer for us. It’s something you only get with DialogTech,” added Daniel.

Sample screenshot of a DialogTech transcription analyzed for spoken words

1000Bulbs.com Uses DialogTech to Improve Call Center Agent Performance

Analytics from conversations also helps 1000Bulbs.com increase the effectiveness of their call center. Each week, the marketing team analyzes the recordings and transcriptions of calls that converted and compares them with the ones that didn’t to learn what sales strategies are working. Sales managers then use DialogTech recordings as coaching tools to correct issues and improve agent performance. “Our call center now has Friday sales training where they listen to calls that did not convert as a group and discuss what they could have done differently,” said Daniel.

“Now with DialogTech we can see why calls aren’t converting and which product categories are performing poorly,” said Foster. “We can train our call center staff to better handle those callers. Using conversation analytics from DialogTech, we’ve increased call-to-sales conversion rates by 18% this year. It’s already paid for itself multiple times over.”

  • 1000Bulbs.com is the leading online distributor for the lighting industry.
  • Callers are often their best customers, so 1000Bulbs.com uses DialogTech to attribute calls and analyze conversations from Google Shopping and other channels.
  • By using conversation analytics from DialogTech to improve remarketing and call center performance, 1000Bulbs.com increased call-to-sales conversion rates by 18%.


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