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Discovering More Conversions from RLSA with Call Attribution and Call Analytics

Jonathon Byrd Customer Success Director, DialogTech

In the past week both Google and Bing have expanded their search advertising capabilities with updates to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). Bing has just started to support this functionality and (while they’ve supported RLSA in the past) Google’s recent expansion to include Shopping Ads has excited many marketers.

For those who may be unfamiliar, RLSAs allow marketers to create lists of users who have visited their website and target those users with additional ads once they leave. These ads appear within the search engine results page (SERP), provided that the user is using the same search engine as the one they used to originally visit the website.

The expansion of Google and Bing RLSA to include remarketing capabilities for Shopping Ads in the SERP allows for marketers to target their recent visitors with products they may have viewed previously. Similarly, it allows marketers to show the local inventory of products that may have been viewed or that are similar to what the visitor was searching for previously.

This new Shopping Ads capability raises a good question, “If someone is shown a product that is currently available locally or nationally, how can I determine if the person did come back to the site but did not purchase the product online?” Meaning, what if the person came back to the site but called to purchase the product or reserve it until they could make it to the store? The combination of call attribution and DialogTech’s Conversation Insight application can help discover these conversions that may have been missed.

Call attribution, as you may know, allows marketers to attribute offline call conversions to the digital ads that originally drove the visitor to the website. A variety of DialogTech cases studies and blog posts are available to learn more about the success and necessity of this marketing technology. Conversation Insight, a newer call analytics technology, allows marketers and sales managers to record and transcribe calls and filter them by the keywords they value most.

If a visitor is retargeted with a local shopping ad they may convert online, however it is highly likely that they will either pick up the phone and call or go to the store. With that in mind, it is important to determine how many conversions resulted from these offline activities. Combining Conversation Insight with RLSA for Shopping Ads will provide the additional insight marketers need to determine the customer intent of those phone calls. For example, searching for the words, “pick up,” “confirmation number,” or “please hold” will allow a marketer to quickly filter calls to only those that may have resulted in what they value most – conversions.

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