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Direct Response Delivers Just What it Promises – Immediate Feedback


The folks at Brand UK Blog don’t mince words. Here’s what they say about brand advertising in a recent post: “For a small or medium size business it is a complete waste of money.”

Got that? Now, direct response on the other hand, does just what it says — gives you immediate feedback on how well your campaign is working.

And how effective is that? Let me tell you from personal experience.

This year alone I’ve spent more money at the women’s clothing store Ann Taylor than I want to acknowledge. With an overflowing closet, I hardly need more clothes.

But last week, when I got an email from my friends at Ann Taylor with the subject line “Save 70% Now,” don’t you think I leaped like a trout to the bait? As a marketing insider, I know exactly how and why I got that email. But it’s also true that I love Ann Taylor clothes and I’m always game for a deal. And that’s what it’s all about — not conning people, but connecting people with what they’re looking for. In my case, it’s a perfectly fitting pair of navy capri pants and an adorable red silk blouse.