DialogTech for Digital Ads

Drive Inbound Calls

With breakthrough marketing technology, you can now drive inbound calls directly from your display ads.

Digital marketer’s are spending billions of dollars in online advertising, and with mobile traffic on the rise, it is essential to be able to track and attribute conversions back to the ads that drove them. With DialogTech’s new click-to-call display ad technology, you will not only be optimizing your display ads to drive click engagement, but you can actually optimize your creative and placements to drive call conversions.

In a mobile-first world, customer calls drive revenue, and the goal of any digital marketer is to drive a positive ROI from the allocated media dollars. The goals for display campaigns are targeted to capture consumers in the beginning stages of the purchase funnel. Display advertisements are used to really brand a company by telling the brand message also deliver tailored messaging to resonate with targeted personas. Display will continue to achieve all of these goals, but on mobile devices the measurement is more difficult due to cross channel attribution challenges.

DialogTech recognizes that the consumer shift to mobile has created a challenge for display advertisers. As a leader in call attribution technology, we have built click-to-call for display ads to help solve for mobile measurement in display. By allowing the conumser to click to call/convert right on their mobile device, we are allowing display marketer’s to use the high level of targeting and messaging sequencing that display technology is known for with a conversion measurement tool that historically, display has not been known for.