DialogTech: Best and Brightest for 5 Years in a Row


Yesterday we received some exciting news: that we were once again included on the list of Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For! This means that even as we’ve grown, changed, and ultimately rebranded, we have still maintained the standards of a fun, challenging, rewarding work environment.

We’re often asked how we chose this atmosphere at DialogTech (formerly Ifbyphone). Our CEO, Irv Shapiro, was actually on CNBC last week discussing that very subject. Here’s a quick quote and then you can go watch the segment on your own:

“We can spend dollars on the things that matter, so what matters to the people working for us? They want the best computers they can get. They want high-speed Internet access. They want space, they want a lot of space.

Those are just a few of the things we provide to employees at DialogTech. Free breakfast, drinks, an open vacation policy, and fresh fruit are a few more. But besides all the material things, we provide an environment that is open to suggestion and ownership; a culture of ideas that allows us to grow to the next level, whatever that may be. Thank you to everyone who sees what we’re trying to achieve and is helping us achieve it. Onward!