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Click-to-Call’s Personal Touch


Imagine you went to a hair salon that was running a glitzy advertising campaign and the owner handed you a pair of scissors to cut your own hair. Ridiculous?

But that’s just the case with many business websites. They spare no cost or effort in creating trendy graphics and keyword advertising to attract visitors. But once customers find their way to the site they’re on their own.

It’s the familiar human tendency to strain out gnats and swallow camels.

A few days ago the UK-based Retail Bulletin took a look at luxury retail sites and found many lacking in exactly the personal attention that is one of high-end retailers’ central value propositions.

It’s not just high end retailers who miss the importance of the interaction with customers in their website designs. Few of the millions of business websites out there give it much more than a standard “contact us” link. 

But when site visitors get to the point of clicking on that link, they probably want an answer now †I know I do. And instead of sending an email or navigating a voicemail menu, they’ll probably just drop it or click over to the competition like I do.

Click-to-call keeps those visitors connected and engaged by bringing back the personal touch. Connecting the phone call is just the first step. A click-to-call can also provide a lot of information for delivering calls efficiently instead of to voice menu purgatory.

For example, IfByPhone click-to-calls and 800 numbers can be routed based on the webpage and even the keyword customers are calling from. And before the call is connected, IfByPhone can ‘whisper’ information about it to the service representative, like: “You have a call about the Mothers Day promotion offer.”

Someone once said, “Systems work best when they roll down hill.” That goes for online business as well. When you make it effortless for customers to connect personally with you and get the help they need, conversions and return visits will snowball as well — instead of your search advertising budget.