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Click-to-Call Isn’t Just For Business


Click-to-Call isn’t just for business. With the ubiquitous mobile handset morphing into an on-the-go media center, click-to-call offers a simple and elegant user-interface for any mobile Web application.

National Public Radio apparently sees it that way.

The recently debuted NPR Mobile Web is a partnership with ten local stations that delivers specially formatted text, pictures and audio – including streaming audio — to Web-enabled mobile phones.

To listen to news stories, or play the interactive version of NPR’s popular quiz game, “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me,” simply click on the “call’ icon and start listening. The free service is carrier- and device-independent.

Think of how useful this could be for GPS navigation or any other service people look for when they’re on the move. We keep saying this: keyboards are for typing – phones are for talking.