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Buzz in the Big Apple


“Not only has the company made many of its stores feel like gathering places, but the bright lights and equally bright acoustics create a buzz that makes customers feel more like they are at an event than a retail store.”

You’d think the above quote, with its jazzy words and tingling appeal, is describing a movie opening in Los Angeles or a cocktail party at some music executive’s mansion. Not so. Taken from a recent New York Times article, the author is describing an Apple Store in Manhattan’s meatpacking district just after midnight. At two a.m., while most of America was asleep, the Apple Store was glowing with the cha-ching of excited holiday shoppers (or, rather, the silent whoosh of the portable credit card swipers each employee carries with him to conduct business on the spot). Apple is not the first store to deck itself out in bright lights and cool colors in the big city †Nike, Sony, and other corporate giants have succeeded with this model. But as the article so clearly displays, no one has done it with quite the panache that Apple has. By allowing customers to linger for hours, check their email, or write a book (!) Apple has not built retail stores so much as it has invented a lifestyle. In a similar way that Starbucks made the $4 cup of coffee culturally ubiquitous by adding a snappy attitude to the morning’s dull routine, Apple has reinvented the computer and technology industry with its hipster cool and simple message: Apple is easy and Apple makes you happy.

But the point is not to be missed–there’s more to it than bringing aboard a rock star interior designer and a team of twenty-somethings with a quirky taste in music. The key to Apple’s success, as much as its products, is its service. Apple makes us feel good, light on our feet, pleased to be alive. And they encourage us to spend money (which we are doing at an alarming rate) because we feel so good. The business model of exceptional service is impeccable, and it’s exactly the type of paradigm that DialogTech subscribes to. We’ve all dealt with poor customer service departments–the mere term “customer service” is enough to make many of us cringe–who have made us feel stupid, inept, and much worse at the end of the conversation, even if our problem has been solved. DialogTech believes in absolute commitment to our customers. There may be companies who offer some of the services we do at a more economical price, but no one in the industry offers the level of service and reliability that we do. If you have a problem — or just want some help figuring the best way to implement the DialogTech toolbox — you know we’ll get back to you quickly and amicably.

When you sign up with DialogTech you receive a top-notch product, but more than that you become privy to a qualified crew of industry experts who act as your own personal team of voice tech consultants. And getting great support to compliment the technology that will help your business grow — well, that’s what buzz is all about.