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4 Ways Your Agency Can Use Conversation Intelligence to Drive More Value for Clients

Derek Andersen Senior Content & SEO Specialist, DialogTech

Phone calls are one of the most valuable conversions agencies can drive for their clients. In fact, according to Forrester, 84% of marketers report phone calls having higher conversion rates with larger order value (AOV) compared to other forms of engagement.

But what if you don’t have a conversation intelligence solution equipped to track the calls your campaigns are driving to your clients and gather insights from these conversations? Then you’re unable to prove your full ROI to clients and to make the best possible marketing optimizations. Additionally, agencies that lack conversation intelligence data are unable to help clients detect and correct call experience issues hurting conversion rates.

How Conversation Intelligence Works for Agencies

Conversation intelligence solutions like DialogTech capture call tracking data and AI-powered conversation analytics data from the calls driven by your marketing at scale. As a result, you can understand the campaigns, ads, keywords, and webpages driving not only the most phone calls — but the most sales calls, conversions, and revenue to your clients. That data can then be activated in martech platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, Adobe Experience Cloud, and more.

These insights can become a key part of the value you deliver to your clients. You can close the loop on how your team’s work drives conversions and optimize media spend to drive higher quality leads. You can also understand the full breadth of the call experience — from what marketing source is driving the call to who’s calling to what happens in the conversation. As a result, you can detect issues that would have formerly gone unnoticed. This will allow you to have the kind of transformational impact on client accounts that drives loyalty and reduces churn.

Read on to find out how you can leverage conversation intelligence to drive more value for your clients — and prove it.

1. Drive More Revenue-Generating Calls to Clients — and Get Credit for Every One

While it’s standard for you to provide detailed analytics about the online conversions you drive for clients, you may not be providing the same level of data about the call conversions you drive.

Conversation intelligence solutions like DialogTech allow you to track the call conversions you drive to clients from each webpage, marketing campaign, ad group, call extension, and keyword. This allows you to report a higher ROI and prove your full value to clients.

You can also use these insights to optimize your marketing spend for the programs that are truly driving the most revenue. For instance, let’s say your agency is running paid search ads for an HVAC repair client. At first glance, search Campaign A may look like the top-performer — it’s driving 50 online conversions, whereas Campaign B is driving 30 online conversions. Based on this data, you would allocate more spend to Campaign A.

However, once you use a conversation intelligence solution, you discover that, when you account for call conversions, Campaign B is driving 75 total conversions (online + call) while Campaign A is driving 55 (online + call). Campaign B is the true top-performer, and investing more budget into it will drive more value for your client.

And, with insights from those phone conversations, you may discover a myriad of other reasons why Campaign B is the better campaign:

  • Campaign B is driving more call conversions for your clients’ most expensive services
  • Campaign B is driving more conversions from first-time callers than Campaign A, increasing your clients’ customer base
  • Campaign A is driving more callers looking to reschedule or cancel existing appointments

You can view these insights in DialogTech’s dashboards or pass them into martech platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Google Analytics, Search Ads 360, Facebook, and more.

Sample Report: See which marketing sources are driving the most sales opportunity phone calls

How Seer Interactive Uses DialogTech to Grow Revenue From SEM by 32% for Greg Smith Equipment

Leading digital marketing agency Seer Interactive wanted to drive more revenue from paid search for their client Greg Smith Equipment. To understand the marketing campaigns driving the most revenue, they use DialogTech’s conversation intelligence solution. Here’s how it works:

  • Keyword-Level Call Attribution Tied to Click IDs: For every call from paid search, DialogTech’s AI-powered call tracking solution captures the Google or Microsoft Advertising click ID, the caller’s phone number, and the day/time of the call and pairs that data with attribution on what drove it, including the search engine, campaign, ad group, keyword, and actions the caller took on Greg Smith Equipment’s website. DialogTech captures this data for both SEM text and shopping ads, as well as calls from both paid search call extensions and website visitors.
  • Revenue Matchback for Callers: That call tracking data from DialogTech is connected to the revenue generated by each call from Greg Smith Equipment’s system of record, enabling Seer to measure the real value and return of every call they generate down to the keyword.
  • Per-Call Revenue Data Activated in Search Ad Platforms: Seer then activates the call revenue data from DialogTech in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, eliminating the blind spot that calls create in performance metrics. Now they have holistic data on how each campaign, ad group, keyword, and call extension is driving revenue, both online and over the phone.
  • Smart Bidding Algorithms Optimize to Increase ROAS: Seer uses revenue data from online and phone orders as the fuel that powers the Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising smart bidding algorithms, enabling them to make smarter optimizations to increase revenue and ROAS for Greg Smith Equipment.

Over the past year using DialogTech, the Seer team has attributed 24% more revenue from SEM calls while driving a 32% increase in both ROAS and revenue from paid search for Greg Smith Equipment.

Sample Report: Pass DialogTech conversation intelligence data into Google Ads

2. Target Callers With the Right Ads Based on the Content of Their Conversations

Does your agency track consumer activity on your clients’ websites and use that data to segment them into retargeting, lookalike, or suppression audiences for digital marketing campaigns? Many agencies do, and they can benefit from using conversation intelligence data as an additional data source to inform segmentation.

For example, you can pay more to ensure your digital ads show to past callers who are valid sales leads but didn’t convert on the call. You can also retarget callers who did convert with ads for companion purchases or services. For example, if a consumer called and purchased an auto insurance policy from your client, you can add them to a “home/auto bundle” campaign. Or if a caller bought from your client and there are no companion purchases to promote, you can exclude them from receiving future ads to avoid wasting spend and add them to your lookalike lists to target new audiences resembling your clients’ most valuable callers.

3. Detect Issues Impacting Your Clients’ Call Conversion Rates

You may be driving quality sales calls to your clients’ agents and locations. However, that’s only half the battle — if your clients mishandle these calls or let them go unanswered, your spend will go to waste and your ROI will suffer.

Conversation intelligence solutions help agencies fix this all-too-common issue, automatically detecting how well locations answer and convert inbound sales calls. You can use these reports to prove to clients the exact number of sales calls you’re driving to each of their locations.

You can also use these reports to help clients identify problem locations where a high percentage of calls are going unanswered or are mishandled, so that they can correct the issue and you can get better return on your marketing spend.

For example, you can see if your calls are going unanswered at specific locations and what days and times those unanswered calls occur. You can then diagnose if your marketing is sending calls to locations when they are closed or understaffed, and make adjustments.

Sample Report: See how your locations are handling the calls driven by your marketing

How RevLocal Uses DialogTech to Identify Call Handling Issues and Opportunities for Clients

For each client, leading agency RevLocal assigns a dedicated digital marketing strategist responsible for driving new business. The strategists use DialogTech to analyze the volume of calls they are driving to each client from each channel and make adjustments to ensure the best performance and return on ad spend.

But they also use DialogTech to go deeper, analyzing phone conversations and call trends for new insights. For example, RevLocal strategists examine:

  • Conversation Duration: Strategists review the length of phone conversations to make sure they are in line with expectations for that client. For example, if they see calls lasting less than 1 minute for businesses where conversations with good leads normally last much longer, they can pause the campaigns responsible for those short calls and use DialogTech call recordings to diagnose the problem.
  • Day and Time of Calls: Strategists look to ensure clients are getting calls during business hours versus off-hours or on weekends if the client is closed. They use those insights to drive strategic decisions for when to run certain types of ads.
  • Call Recordings: Strategists listen to calls to see what insights they can glean to help customers. Perhaps they might notice callers are asking about a certain special and recommend adding it to the customer’s homepage and featuring it in ad creative.
  • Call Handling: DialogTech enables RevLocal to detect call handling issues impacting client ROI. For example, if they notice clients aren’t answering the phones during business hours, they can advise them of the problem so they can correct it. Or if the customer’s staff answering calls aren’t as friendly as they could be, RevLocal can provide tips on coaching the staff to better address and convert callers.

“This level of insight into the call channel would not be possible without DialogTech,” said David Diebolt, Senior Director of Product Strategy at RevLocal. “DialogTech’s reports and recordings have improved and deepened our relationship with clients, helping us become their trusted advisors. We are very happy with the data, insights, and service DialogTech provides.”

4. View Transcriptions and Recordings to Understand What’s Happening on Inbound Calls to Your Clients

The report from the section above can help agencies detect when there’s a call experience issue impacting conversion rates. But to diagnose the specifics and correct the issue, you may need to dig deeper.

Conversation intelligence platforms like DialogTech give you a searchable database of call recordings and transcriptions that you can tap into. This allows you to see what’s occurring on the inbound calls your marketing is driving to clients and use these insights to make optimizations that drive more conversions.

If unconverted calls are an issue, you can analyze your recordings and transcriptions to see if your clients’ locations, call centers, and remote agents are saying the right things when consumers call. You can then pinpoint any issues. For instance, are they failing to mention relevant promotions? Are they accurately describing the safety precautions you’re enacting for any in-person interactions? You can then take steps to fix them. In addition, you can share these recordings and transcriptions with your clients’ locations and/or call centers to use as coaching tools to improve performance.

Sample DialogTech call transcript

You can also use transcriptions to discover common caller questions and concerns — such as FAQs on COVID-19 safety precautions or bundle deals — and add them to your clients’ website and service pages to get more SEO visits and improve conversion rates.

This deep dive into the voice of the customer will help you to have a more transformational impact on your clients’ accounts. You’ll be able to identify new revenue opportunities and increase their loyalty as a result.

How GE Appliances Converts More Calls to Service Appointments with Agency DAC and DialogTech


GE Appliances manufactures the world’s best appliances. When those appliances need care, they have technicians in 300+ cities to help. GE Appliances and its agency DAC use hyper-local paid search to drive appointments for their most valuable service: out-of-warranty repairs. 70% of service requests are calls to the call center, so they needed data to show them how to optimize bid strategies to drive appointment calls at a lower CPL.

Solution Phase 1: Call Tracking

GE Appliances and DAC began using DialogTech’s DNI (dynamic number insertion) call tracking to see exactly how their channels, ads, keywords, call extensions, and landing pages drive calls to the call center. Optimizing using keyword-level and session-level call tracking data had an immediate impact, increasing leads by 41% while reducing cost per lead by 50%.

Solution Phase 2: AI-Driven Conversation Intelligence

GE Appliances and DAC added DialogTech’s AI to unlock insights from phone conversations at scale. DialogTech records and transcribes phone conversations and uses AI to analyze those calls for caller intent, lead quality, product interest, conversion outcome, and more.

GE Appliances and DAC now optimize for what drives the most calls for out-of-warranty repairs that convert to appointments, increasing leads from their best audience by an additional 42%. AI also showed them that a high percentage of callers were hanging up during the IVR — it was too long. Shortening the IVR drove a 50% decrease in abandoned calls.

“I love the analytics on phone calls DialogTech provides and have already found several actionable cases in the data. It’s enabled us to find and correct issues with call handling costing us revenue, generate more of the right callers from our marketing, and better convert them to service appointments,” said Chuck Weaver, Senior Manager of Business Initiatives at GE Appliances.

Bonus: Use Conversation Intelligence Internally to Win More Business for Your Agency

The tactics listed above aren’t just for your agency’s clients — you can use all the same data and strategies to empower your internal marketing team. You can use conversation intelligence to understand the marketing programs driving the most sales calls from new clients, retarget promising leads with the right ads based on their phone conversations, and detect any issues that are harming your call conversion rates.

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Want to learn more about how leading marketers and agencies are leveraging conversation intelligence to prove and improve call conversions? Check out the insights and survey results in this Forrester report.

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