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Voice-Based Marketing Automation Might Have Impressed Alexander Graham Bell


Alexander Graham Bell is best known for inventing the telephone, but he was much more than an inventor: he was a man who dedicated his life to communication and the creation of technology that would change people’s lives. That’s why it’s so cool that this man who spent years creating a way for future generations to have their voices heard can now be heard, in real life, in this 128-year old recording.

It’s almost eerie hearing a voice from so far in the past. But in an age where we take instantaneous communication for granted, it’s rewarding to know how far we’ve come: from etchings in a wax-on-binder-board disc, all the way to interactive voice response and Universal Analytics. As something like the descendants of his legacy, we think Mr. Bell would have been a fan of DialogTech. After all, we have a major thing in common: we are champions of voice, and believe in its power. Here are three things we wish Alexander Graham Bell were around to see.

Voice Broadcasting

What if Bell had been able to not only record his voice, but send it to everyone he knew? He would have loved voice broadcasting. The power to record a single message and quickly send it out to large numbers of people, with no guessing about whether they would ever hear it, would have certainly been worthwhile to the father of modern communication. Bell was all about creating new ways for people to communicate, and voice broadcasting is one.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

If voice broadcasting creates a new way for people to communicate, then IVR goes above and beyond. For Bell, interaction with voice technology was limited to telephone conversations, and not even the seamless connection that we enjoy today. He would have loved IVR: a technology that enables an exchange of information, a recorded human voice opening an avenue of communication that Bell and his peers hadn’t yet dreamed of.

Call Recording

In Bell’s day, recording even a few seconds of speech was miraculous. Think how shocked he would be if he could see that recording voice on his invention, the telephone, is now done easily and routinely, and for a broad range of reasons. Call recording captures voice, but not for the novelty of it: businesses large and small record their calls to provide a complete view of customer interaction, gain valuable insight into the most frequent questions, and more. All of the options would dazzle Mr. Bell: call recording that begins pre-transfer, call recording that begins post-transfer, etc.

DialogTech believes in the power of voice, but we would never have the tools to build upon it without Alexander Graham Bell. Voice-based marketing automation is like his great-great-great grandchild in a way. So here’s to you, grandpa.

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