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The Senior Living “Digital Marketing Revolution” Can’t Succeed Without Phone Call Data

Derek Andersen Senior Content & SEO Specialist, DialogTech

Senior Housing News, the leading news source for the senior living industry, says that senior living providers will experience a “digital marketing revolution” in 2021. If you’re a senior living marketer invested in digital transformation, it’s time to follow the lead of cutting-edge providers and increase digital advertising spend, adopt more sophisticated marketing tactics, and reenvision the customer journey.

What catalyzed these changes? COVID-19 made businesses across industries step back and rethink their operations and messaging — but especially senior living, given the pandemic’s impact on these sensitive populations. Senior living providers are putting unprecedented safety precautions in place — their marketing teams need to ensure they’re clearly and effectively communicating information about these new protocols to their audience.

In addition, senior living providers need to shift to a digital-first experience, since that’s how more people are researching and touring facilities. With seniors social distancing due to the pandemic, their internet usage is on the rise — as is the internet usage of their younger family members who assist with the research and buying process.

However, senior living marketers cannot overlook the offline engagements their digital marketing drives. The senior living purchase cycle is long and complex — and phone calls are an important piece of the omnichannel journey. This blog covers why connecting digital marketing to phone calls is critical for senior living marketers and how you can drive more call conversions with a conversation intelligence solution.

Calls Are Often the Most Valuable Conversions for Senior Living Marketers

Most senior living prospects begin their journey online. In fact, for 75% of senior living customers, the first step is placing an online search.

But when it comes time to move forward in the buying journey and schedule a virtual tour or consultation, they prefer to speak to a live agent. That’s why over 60% of tours and 39% of move-ins at senior living communities are the result of an inbound phone call. These calls are often the most valuable conversions — 84% of marketers report calls have higher conversion rates with larger order value compared to other forms of engagement.

Connect Phone Calls to Digital Marketing Results With Conversation Intelligence

According to Senior Housing News, to adapt to COVID-19, leading senior living marketers are dramatically increasing digital advertising spend, boosting social media presence, adjusting website experiences to accommodate new user behavior, and investing in new technologies.

With the industry ramping up its digital marketing efforts, how can you stay one step ahead of the competition? And, with consumer behavior shifting, how can you ensure you’re providing the best omnichannel experience to convert more consumers researching online to leads and residents? To solve these challenges and connect the most valuable marketing conversions — inbound phone calls — to digital marketing results, leading senior living marketers are leveraging conversation intelligence solutions.

What is conversation intelligence? It’s a solution that combines call tracking with conversation analytics to capture actionable marketing insights from callers.

Cutting-edge senior living marketers are using conversation intelligence solutions to bolster their digital campaigns. With this technology, you can track the calls your digital marketing campaigns are driving, as well as what’s happening in those conversations — if it was a sales lead, what packages were discussed, if a virtual tour was scheduled, and much more. You can then push those insights into your martech stack to inform your content and bidding strategy.

Sample DialogTech call transcription

In addition, you can use conversation intelligence to create better call experiences that increase conversion rates. For example, you can create custom call routing rules to prioritize your highest-intent callers, detect and correct issues harming conversion rates at your locations, use call transcriptions and recordings to coach your agents, and much more.

Investing in conversation intelligence technology can solidify your place in this digital marketing revolution for senior living providers. The pandemic is still raging and, to weather it, you’ll need to make quick pivots to your messaging and strategy. A solution that gives you unparalleled access to the voice of the customer and deep insights into the experiences you’re providing is invaluable in this uncertain landscape.

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