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See the Calls Your Marketing Generates in Near Real-Time with DialogTech’s Post-Call Emails

Alex Studd Product Marketing Manager, DialogTech

It’s been a challenging year. An unpredictable virus has completely changed our lives and with it, the behavior of consumers everywhere.  

In this time where social distancing and shelter-in-place orders are making the future uncertain, one thing is certain: the value of a phone call has never been higher.  

While people are staying home, life goes on — through the telephone. According to the New York Times, AT&T’s number of cellular calls is up 35% and Verizon is handling an average of 800 million wireless calls a day. Verizon’s stats also reveal that the length of calls is up 33% compared to an average day before the outbreak. People are continuing to call businesses to ask questions, reschedule appointments, and make purchases. In fact, these are some of the industries that have seen an increase in call volume during the COVID-19 crisis.   

With remote employees handling phone calls and many businesses pulling back on paid media, the value of each inbound call — and how important it is for every caller to have a positive, helpful experience — has never been higher. Consider what happens if a call goes unanswered, if the call is disconnected, or if the agent isn’t able to answer the caller’s questions or assist them. And now, as states and businesses slowly begin to reopen, marketers cautiously restarting their digital ad campaigns need to know if they’re still driving the right types of calls and how to best adjust to a new landscape. 

The phone call has always been an important moment in the customer journey. Now, the stakes are high to ensure that your business answers each call and handles the conversation well.

To help our customers see the calls they’re generating in near real time, you can use Post-Call Emails from DialogTech.

How Post-Call Emails Help You Get Near Real-Time Notifications  — and How to Set Them Up

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for marketers to know how effective their campaigns are at driving phone calls that convert. That’s where Post-Call Emails come in. 

DialogTech’s Post-Call Emails feature allows customers to receive automatic email notifications after a business or franchise location receives a phone call. With Post-Call Emails, DialogTech customers will receive near real-time information about the phone call, including caller ID, call duration, marketing attribution data, and call routing details. For customers with recordings and transcriptions turned on, direct links to the recording and transcription are also available in the email. 

DialogTech Post-Call Emails

A sample Post-Call Email for calls to a specific office location

By receiving Post-Call Emails and getting updates on calls quickly, businesses can follow up on unanswered calls to improve the customer experience and recapture lost opportunities, see if answered calls are handled properly, and ensure that marketing campaigns are driving desirable phone calls.  

Post-Call Emails work well in tandem with DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights and scheduled weekly or monthly reports. With the near real-time nature of Post-Call Emails providing timely updates on the calls you’re driving, you can then dig into your customized dashboards on channels and campaigns for more details. This email feature can be a helpful supplement to your regularly automated reports as well. 

To set up Post-Call Emails in your DialogTech account, follow these instructions

Post-Call Email Configuration

A sample configuration of Post-Call Emails for a specific dental office location

Keep in mind that you don’t have to get an email update after every single call placed to a business. You can choose to set up Post-Call Emails for all of your phone numbers or only to a specific subset of your numbers. This means that you can trigger Post-Call Emails for a specific location or a specific digital advertising campaign. 

A sample Post-Call Emails configuration

Once you’ve determined which calls trigger the Post-Call Emails, you can configure more details on if the calls should be recorded, where the Post-Call Emails should be sent, and so on. 

Use Case #1: Post-Call Emails for Multi-Location Businesses

Let’s say you’re a business with multiple locations. With limited hours and staffing, how do you ensure calls aren’t missed — and that every call is answered quickly and by the right agent? A call tracking platform like DialogTech offers tools like IVRs and call routing to help you control and personalize call experiences. 

Plus, with Post-Call Emails, you can get emails automatically sent to a designated team member — like a local manager — every time the location receives a phone call. And if any calls are missed, these emails provide the necessary information to follow up with the caller, like caller ID, call duration, zip code, and campaign activity. Better yet, if applicable, the email will provide a link to the call recording (or voicemail) so that you can review the purpose of the call.    

And that’s not all. Team members — like a local manager — can also review call recordings and transcriptions to ensure every call is handled properly.  This helps you determine if your agents are handling questions correctly and driving desired outcomes.

There’s so much power in real-time notifications. When your business values every inbound call to each location, you don’t want to wait for daily or weekly reports to determine how many calls went unanswered or how many callers experienced negative experiences. With Post-Call Emails providing near real-time updates on inbound calls for multi-location businesses,  you can action on them quickly. 

Use Case #2: Post-Call Emails for New Marketing Campaigns

In addition to leveraging Post-Call Emails for business locations, you can also use these near real-time notifications for identifying how well new marketing campaigns are driving phone calls.

You can set up Post-Call Emails to alert you every time a new campaign generates a call. This means that you can leverage Post-Call Emails immediately after launching campaigns to make sure they are working properly and driving desired results. 

Additionally, with these email updates, you can drill down even further into these calls by analyzing the call recordings and transcriptions of each call driven by the campaign. This can help you see any trends in what callers are saying, their sentiment, and if they’re converting.  

Ultimately, Post-Call Emails allow you to gain insights within seconds of each generated phone call and complements DialogTech’s robust call attribution reports.

Use Case #3: Post-Call Emails for Agencies

For agencies, Post-Call Emails can be an effective way of reinforcing the value they provide to their clients. 

If an agency is launching a new campaign for a client, they can set up Post-Call Emails to notify them and their client each time it generates an inbound call. By continuously alerting their client on the performance of their ad campaigns, this helps solidify their ROI as a partner.  

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notifications on inbound calls driven from marketing help businesses gain valuable insights into the efficacy of their campaigns and the call experiences they provide to their customers. Post-Call Emails are an effective way for marketers to get near real-time notifications, gain visibility into campaign and location/agent performance, and make optimizations accordingly. 

Along with DialogTech’s call attribution reports and AI-driven conversation analytics dashboards, they provide another way to gain insights to help you prove marketing ROI and make smarter decisions to improve results. 

For more information on Post-Call Emails, including how to set it up within a DialogTech account, please review the dedicated Resources Page.