Reminiscing on The Top DialogTech Marketing Webinars From 2016


As 2016 comes to close, let’s reminisce on the DialogTech webinars our marketing audience was most thankful for (and enjoyed watching the most!). From social media to paid search, we’ve learned a lot that we can carry into the New Year. And without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the webinars every marketer should watch:

The Paid Search Landscape is Changing

Driving conversions from AdWords and Bing requires the implementation of new strategies. What was once successful two years ago is no longer sufficient for today’s mobile-first world. Search optimization experts at Kenshoo partner with DialogTech to discuss new building blocks for a successful, end-to-end paid search strategy.

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Social Media Drives Over 12 Billion Phone Calls in 2016

Social media advertising is already driving billions of call conversions thanks to the rising popularity of smartphone users. When it comes to Facebook, the majority of its users only access the social network on their smartphones. This creates tremendous opportunities for marketers to drive call conversions from Facebook. So much so, that by 2019 social media advertising and Facebook are expected to drive over 36 billion calls. And when calls convert to revenue 10x-15x faster than web form fills, it’s time social media marketers learn the proper tactics necessary for driving quality leads from Facebook.

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Driving Customers From PPC Requires Mobile-First Strategies

Marketers need to think mobile-first when crafting their search campaigns. With the majority of search ads being viewed on mobile devices, desktop-centric thinking will result in less than ideal conversion rates. Search experts at Marin Software partner with DialogTech to discuss proven strategies designed to increase conversions.

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The Customer Journey Is Impacted by Call Conversions

Consumers research and shop online, over the phone, and in-person. They’re also doing these things across devices. Join digital marketing experts at Adobe Analytics and DialogTech as they provide insights into the types of cross-channel strategies that drive offline and online conversions.

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Click-to-Call Is Impacting Your ROI

Forrester and DialogTech discuss the reality of online conversions. Mobile consumers are more inclined to pick up the phone to call your business rather than fill out a form on a small smartphone screen. What does this mean for marketers? As ad spend continues to shift towards the growing smartphone user audience, including click-to-call strategies will be absolutely critical to improving ROI.

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Online Marketing No Longer Equals Online Conversions

Measuring ROI and CPL from your digital marketing now requires the inclusion of offline conversions. Why is that? The majority of digital marketing targets mobile devices, which include smartphones. And thanks to click-to-call, it’s producing a tremendous amount of call conversions from smartphones. By 2019, digital marketing will drive 162 billion call conversions. Here’s your chance to learn ways to measure and optimize call conversions from digital advertising. As a result, it will help you improve ROI, lower CPL, and acquire more customers.

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