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Last week, I spent three amazing days with some of the best and brightest marketing professionals at the Adobe Summit.

In the heart of Las Vegas sits an ode to Roman decadence, the Venetian. It’s luxurious palisades and majestic water fountains played with my mind as I arrived at almost midnight Central time. Exhausted, from an intense day of travel I sauntered to my room and opened the door to pure hotel bliss.

I had arrived. I face planted into the 5-star plush king-sized bed, and so began my journey at the Adobe Summit.

Adobe Summit Day 1 (Day 2 for the cool kids that showed up before me for partner day) — Tuesday, March 27:

The coffee is amazing here. That’s pretty much how I would paint the picture of the next three days, coffee-fueled marketing magic.

I picked up my registration badge, checked in, and downloaded the Adobe Summit App, which was a nice touch for a conference to have all the session details, maps, and speaker information along with push notifications so I didn’t miss any of the good stuff.

Next, I wandered into the vast conference hall where the giant Adobe flag hung on the wall. The hall was abuzz with marketers from around the world ready and excited to learn and grow their craft. The atmosphere was electric and the enormous conference hall added to the excitement that permeated the air.

The first speaker was Adobe President and CEO, Shantanu Narayen, who set the stage for this years theme: experience making. Shantanu asked all marketers to become experience makers, personalizing their messaging and making each interaction a consumer has with their brand a powerful experience. Exclaiming “people buy experiences, not products,” he touched on how the Adobe Experience Cloud is able to help brands create lasting experiences for their consumers, and I learned how each part of the Adobe Experience Cloud is used by marketers around the world.

Adobe President and CEO, Shantanu Narayen

Which Leads Me to Takeaway #1: Experience Marketing Matters

The theme of the Adobe Summit was about creating great experiences for consumers. As a consumer as well as a marketer, this spoke to me on a personal level. I’m ready for brands to start creating personalized experiences for me. Today’s digital world gives brands the ability though analytics data to tailor their messaging across every digital touch point.

Next brought marketers from Tourism Australia and Marriott, each speaking about how they use the Adobe Experience Cloud to personalize their consumer experiences. From personalized apps, amazingly funny super bowl commercials, and keyless hotel check in.

As I entered the community pavilion, aka the exhibit hall, I joined representatives from companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and Accenture. As I traveled around the hall I saw popcorn machines, photo booths, and a half court basketball area where guests could find out who the best three-point shooter was. (Hint: it wasn’t me.)

Finally, the attendees arrived in the exhibit hall ready to learn more about new solutions and offerings. I met with marketers from companies like Ford, Visa, American Express, and AT&T, all ready to learn and grow their marketing tech stack.

We discussed how DialogTech integrates with the Adobe Experience Cloud. I shared how DialogTech is helping brands to personalize not only the caller experience but the advertising experience as a whole by use data on their callers to deliver more relevant experiences online and over the phone.

DialogTech and Adobe Experience Cloud

Takeaway #2: DialogTech Is the Perfect Tech Partner for Brands to Personalize Experiences 

I spent a lot of time talking to interested marketers about how DialogTech can push rich call analytics data to Adobe Analytics to help inform marketers on which channels and keywords are driving good phone calls. We talked extensively about our integration with Adobe Target where we can use conversation analytics data, such as what products or services people talked about on the phone, to allow marketers to give the user a different landing page experience based on these conversation details when they come back to the website.

We gave marketers insight into how DialogTech can help users of Adobe Media Optimizer build audiences based on their customers that call or position creative with call to actions that mirror how people want to convert, whether over the phone or online. Helping media buyers to personalize the ad experience across channels and devices increases their ROI and helps them drive more revenue.

During the day attendees were able to access multiple breakout sessions that helped build their knowledge and understanding of the Adobe Experience Cloud and all other Adobe products. Many of our DialogTech team members attended these sessions and you should be on the lookout for another blog coming shortly. If you want to see the recordings of any of the sessions, you can simply go here.

Finally, we had the chance to interact with more of the attendees during the Welcome Reception. This was the opening thank you party to the Adobe sponsors and it was a great experience to be able to casually meet marketers from around the world and discuss their challenges and excitement around all things Adobe.

Adobe Summit Day 2 — Wednesday, March 28th

Feeling a tad drowsy today, but couldn’t miss out on the last day of  learning. Today the general session was by far the best of the show. With guests like J.J. Watt, Sir Richard Branson, and top executives from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Takeaway #3: Experience Making Is Hard Work

Sir Richard Branson was a real treat to listen to. A true experience maker, Branson spoke about his work changing the flying experience.

Sir Richard talked about the uphill battle he waged on the airline industry. With one plane, he credits Virgin Atlantic’s ability to give a better flying experience as the reason why his company succeeded. “We changed the experience of flying…we reimagined food, check in, and inflight entertainment…and we gave the rider a truly memorable experience.”Sir Richard Branson Adobe Summit

It was a radical shift in the airline business, and it was amazing to hear from a legendary businessman like Branson how important creating meaningful experiences are for a brand to succeed.

No one said this experience making was going to be easy. Sir Richard Branson showed that he had spent his entire working life dedicated to creating better experiences, but because of that his brands have seen amazing success.

As my two days came to an end I reflected on all the amazing people I had met, all the Twitter connections I got to shake hands with, and all the insight and learning I was able to capture — it truly was an amazing experience. But that is what Adobe Summit was meant to provide, an unforgettable experience, and we as marketers and the tech companies that help them must always remember that experiences matter, because in the words of Adobe President and CEO, Shantanu Narayen, “people buy experiences, not products.”

To learn more about the benefits of activating data on your callers across Adobe Experience Cloud, request a demo of DialogTech today.

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